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Batik Air Flights to Maldives in June

Maldives Flights Batik Air Malaysia

Island lovers can now rejoice as Batik Air flights to Maldives in June 2023 will commence with the airline using a Boeing 737 to operate flights to Velana International Airport, which will transit to Sri Lanka.

The news comes at a great time as all countries have fully opened up for tourism, and the Maldives has been one of the destinations that Malaysians have been yearning to visit for many years. Not only that but visiting travellers can also fly here if they transit in Kuala Lumpur.

Batik Air Flights to Maldives in June

Maldives Airports Company Ltd (MACL) announced that Batik Airlines will start direct flights between Malaysia and the Maldives every week starting June 2023. The airline will also schedule daily transit flights from Malaysia to the Maldives via Sri Lanka. The Boeing 737 between Maldives and Malaysia has a capacity of 180 passengers.

The airline, formerly known as Malindo Airlines, will depart from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and transit to Colombo Airport in Sri Lanka before arriving in Male, Maldives.

Maldives Flights Batik Air Malaysia
The Batik Air Boeing 737.

Batik Air Maldives Flight Information

KUL-MLE (OD 297)

  • Flight time: Approximately 6 hours and five minutes.
  • Ttransit: Colombo Airport and transit for one hour.
  • Departure Time: 5.25 PM and arrival in Male is 8.30 PM.

MLE-KUL (OD 298)

  • Flight time: Approximately 6 hours and 25 minutes.
  • Ttransit: Colombo Airport and transit for one hour.
  • Departure Time: 9.30 PM, and arrival in KLIA is 6.55 AM.

In addition to Batik Airlines flights to the Maldives, Saudi budget airline Flynas will launch flight operations in June, while Hong Kong Airlines will also be commencing flights to the Maldives starting in July. It will be the third airline to operate flights between China and the Maldives.

There are currently 36 airlines operating scheduled flights to Maldives. The new airlines will also be offering charter flights to the Maldives from time to time. Titan Air is also expected to launch charter flights on April 21. Charter flights are also available from other European countries during the peak season.

For more information, please visit the Batik Air Malaysia website, as some promotional tickets are currently on sale. You never know, as you may end up with some incredible flight deals both ways.

And for more aviation news in Malaysia, check out my other articles as you may find something interesting, maybe a new destination you may not have heard about.

Malaysia Batik Air Maldives Flights
Maldives is one of the sought-after vacation destinations.


If you did not know, AirAsia X used to fly to the Maldives in 2013, but they discontinued the route one year later for several reasons. Now that Malaysia Batik Air flights to Maldives in June have been confirmed, travellers can visit this beautiful island.

Maldives is well-known as a romantic island and beach destination, and many scuba divers also want to visit here for some of the most beautiful diving in the world. I would love to visit the Maldives to do an overall write-up for the destination and birdwatching, as some fantastic birds can be seen here.

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