Galaxy A34 5G Camera Review
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Galaxy A34 5G Camera Review

Review Galaxy A34 5G Camera

For those planning to upgrade their mid-level smartphones or even get a new smartphone, check out my Galaxy A34 5G camera review here, as I had the pleasure of testing this smartphone out in Melaka in early April 2023.

For the record, I have been a Samsung smartphone user for over ten years, and I currently use the Galaxy S22 Ultra for my everyday use. This time, I wanted to explore the mid-range Galaxy series to see how they compared.

Galaxy A34 5G Camera Review

My daily smartphone usage usually revolves around checking my Shopee account, emails and WhatsApp messages, and very little time on social media. You may be asking why, but let me just share that I started too early on social media, over ten years ago, and now, I’m burned out.

Therefore, these days, I channel my energy towards smartphone photography, which is a little more challenging and exciting compared to endless scrolling or flipping on social media. And this results in me looking for beautiful shots of landscapes and food.

For years, I have been testing out many different smartphone models. Every time a new model is released, I will quickly try it for smartphone photography as I believe that one day, the smartphone will eventually take over the conventional camera.

Anyway, until that day comes, here is my Galaxy A34 5G camera system overview. First, if you plan to get this as your primary camera, I recommend getting the A54 or even the S23 series, as those are made for serious photography.

The A34 5G is made for those who enjoy simplicity but have some control over the smartphone photographs they take. Yes, not everyone is a good photographer, but with a good smartphone like the Samsung  Galaxy series, you have half the battle won.

My style of smartphone photography is point-and-shoot, as there is no need to get into the camera’s technical side because most consumers are just general users. We enjoy the moments when we eat, travel or have that ad-hoc moment for selfies or memories. That’s all. See, how simple life can be?

So, this smartphone review focuses on simplicity; where I visited the historical city of Melaka for a couple of days in early April 2023 and took the opportunity to explore some smartphone photography using the A34 5G.

Galaxy A34 5G Food Photos

Let’s start the ball rolling with some amazing Melaka food, randomly selected as I moved around the city looking for local favourites. You will also notice a nice ‘Bokeh’ or blurring around the food subject, which is caused by the portrait mode that I used to photograph.

I never over-edit my photos, as I generally resize them, contrast and sharpen them very lightly to keep the original look and feel as it would be in your smartphone. Note that when you view images on your phone, the OLED screen makes the photos look more vivid.

So, when I transfer the images to my desktop, they have a more realistic colour. I then photoshop it a little to rescale the image for web view, where I reduce the size of the image, and I try to maintain the image quality without sacrificing too much. Again, this is a little technical, and most people post on social media directly from their phones.

Galaxy A34 5G Food Photography
Typically Melaka – A deep-fried Cincaru fish with sambal chilli and half a lime. Photographed in portrait mode. You will see me using more portrait modes for my food photography, as it turns out much better than the normal mode.
Food Photography Galaxy A34 5G
Melaka’s local Yee Kiau Mee dry noodles with chilli sauce. Notice the heavy ‘bokeh’ or blurred surroundings in the portrait mode.
Baba Satay Melaka
You have not tried Melaka food until you have tried authentic Melaka Baba Satay and photographed in portrait mode.
Review Samsung Galaxy A34 5G
Nyonya Nasi Lemak with Prawn Sambal Petai, Melaka style. Photographed with portrait mode instead of the normal mode.
Galaxy A34 Camera Review Malaysia
Simplicity in Sandwiches in portrait mode of the camera. Notice how the computational ‘bokeh’ does its wonders.

Galaxy A34 5G General Photos

Most of us will take photos like this when we travel or go through our daily lives. These are very common photos of places, especially during the day and sometimes a night. Most of us know that photographing at night will result in bad images, but technology has leapt quite far from where it’s now possible.

Malaysia A34 5G Camera Review
The famous LED Trishaws at night along Jonker Walk, photographed on night mode.
Galaxy A34 5G Camera Review
Some buildings along Jonker Walk scream for their photo to be taken. Notice the exposure is relatively minimal in the night mode.
Photo Galaxy A34 5G
Jonker Street on a weekday at 7.30 PM looks very different. The night mode captures the lights beautifully without over-exposing the photo.
Melaka Hard Rock Cafe
The iconic Hard Rock Cafe in Melaka is just by the river and Jonker Street, photographed in night mode.
Samsung Galaxy A34 5G Camera Review
From the original main photo, this temple is taken at night in Ultra-wide mode.


I also did an article about my first impression of the Galaxy A34 5G when I received the unit, and this is my second article to focus on the camera system of the mid-range smartphone by Samsung. You will see from the photos that much has improved regarding the camera.

As for general phone usage, the screen is as big as the Galaxy S23 Ultra, while the battery system has been improved to withstand up to two days of basic use without having to charge the unit. Again this is entirely subjective, depending on the user. If you watch YouTube and scroll Facebook and Instagram all day, your battery won’t last that long.

7 thoughts on “Galaxy A34 5G Camera Review

  1. actually Samsung Galaxy HP is very reliable ,base on experience Samsung j6 almost 25 yrs ago still ok…to bring back the nostalgia I would like have another Samsung a34 5g ..eventhough at present I used Redmi note 11s 5g…

    1. Hiya Yunus, I’m happy to hear that you have had a great experience with the J6. Maybe your Telco company has some interesting offer to upgrade or trade in your current unit? But whatever it is, I hope you have a good mobile experience.

  2. The clarity of Galaxy A34 5G photos is undoubtedly stunning! It is a pointer to the advancement of Samsung technology over its earlier versions. it is a bait to photography enthusiasts. I look forward to continue using Samsung phones as I’ve done since my first phone over 20 years a go.

  3. The camera maybe good but the volume is disappointing. I used to own an Asus phone before buying this phone and now kind of regret it.

    1. Hello Thomaa, thanks. Apparently, the 34 and the 54 are almost similar in terms of the quality. For general usage that is. If you really want to make a comparison, it would be this series versus the S series. Again, the A is still the entry level models.

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