Galaxy A34 5G First Impression
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Galaxy A34 5G First Impression

First Impression Galaxy A34 5G

Samsung has recently announced a range of A series models in April 2023 and here is my Galaxy A34 5G first impression of the budget range series from one of the world’s most famous smartphone brands.

As I have been a user of the Galaxy S series for many years, this was an opportunity to test and understand what the budge-range A series offers. Again, I am not a technical reviewer or those tech sites who copy and paste each other, often doing the review in very technical words and terms.

Galaxy A34 5G First Impression

After receiving the A34 5G, I could not help but notice that Samsung are serious about the no-charger sets, as the box is as small as possible, and I guess this is still a very tricky move. Why? Because many users who want to upgrade still use the older USB charging cable.

But there are reasons why they did this, and if you would like to know, please read this article on why Samsung does not include a charger and earphones in the packaging now.

Galaxy A34 5G Malaysia
The A34 5G is in its original box.

In 2021, Samsung decided to change from USB-A to USB-C type charging cables, which caught many consumers off-guard, including me. All my older cables are useless as all models come with the new A-type port.

Anyway, things change over time, and we have to accept them. So, with the new Galaxy A34 5G in hand, I was very impressed with several features, which I will list below.

1. Galaxy A34 Colours

One of the things that have been impressive in the last few years is that Samsung constantly keeps improving smartphone colours, introducing many new shades and tones. The unit I got was a beautiful colour called ‘Awesome Silver’, which had an iridescent hue effect when I moved the phone.

This means that when you hold the smartphone, you will see different hues of pink, green and lavender; even the base colour is silver. Very impressive indeed.

Review Galaxy A34 5G Malaysia
Unboxing the Galaxy A34 5G.

2. Galaxy A34 Size

This one caught me off guard; the size of the A34 was equally as big as the Galaxy S Series phones. A whopping 6.6″ inch screen comes with a much brighter AMOLED screen. In technical terms, this means that the previous 80HZ has been increased to 120HZ; in layman’s terms, it means a brighter screen.

However, if you are small sized or have small hands, the A34 may be a little big for you. But nowadays, most consumers do not bother with size anymore as this is a thing of the past. Even kids have bigger smartphones nowadays!

3. Galaxy A34 Design

Honestly, I assumed it was a mid-level model, but unboxing the Galaxy A34  5G got me confused as I thought I was unboxing a Galaxy S23 smartphone instead. Well, it shows that Samsung has changed the look and feel of the mid-range A series phones.

The overall look and design remind me of the S Series, and for the price range of RM1,500, sone can easily be fooled into thinking it is an S Series. Well done, Samsung, you truly wiped out the one-look difference by giving that ‘Glastic’ rounded corners to make it look classy.

So, what does all of this mean to a general user? Well, for starters, it is probably high time that many people consider upgrading their older smartphones to the current ones as technology has moved so fast, and many developments have improved since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Camera Review Galaxy A34 5G
I tested the camera using portrait mode to photograph this Baba Satay in the Limbongan area of Melaka. The blurring around the subject is called Bokeh, which the smartphone AI creates. Please wait for my camera review to come out next.

4. Galaxy A34 Cameras

One of the exciting features is the new Galaxy S34 5G camera system that boasts a simple triple camera that comes with an improved AI system, which is almost as good as the S Series phones. I won’t bore you with the f1.8, MPs and technical talk. What’s important is that the cameras are fantastic!

They work well in low light and take beautiful detailed shots; you can also take portrait shots that make the subject look good, and you can take wider photos using the ultra-wide mode. Most ordinary people don’t even bother with the pro or technical side of smartphone photography.

So, if you need an upgraded smartphone with a decent camera, the A34 5G or A4 5G would be a great budget-friendly smartphone. Unless you are truly into smartphone photography, you may want to consider upgrading to a Galaxy S23 Ultra for a premium price.

I did a Galaxy S23 Ultra photography review in Khao Lak, Thailand, in February, and I was very impressed with the outcome of the photos, especially the night photography or Nightography, as Samsung calls it.

Malaysia Samsung Galaxy A34 5G
The A34 is fresh from the box.

5. Battery Life on the Galaxy S34 5G

While major improvements have been made to the smartphones, the battery life is something many general users are concerned about and fear not as the Galaxy S34 comes packed with a larger built-in battery that is claimed to last two days on one full charge.

I’ve tested this, and it has lasted me slightly more than a day because I also use many apps, like social media, YouTube and some games. So, if you are not glued to your smartphone all day, it should last up to 48 hours on one charge.

But as you and I know, social media has already become part of our lives, and it consumes us, like it or not. So, I’m giving an estimate of a full day of using the phone without charging. But don’t quote me on this, as it depends on the user too.

Waze and Google Maps using Galaxy A34 5G
I have been using the Galaxy A34 5G for my Waze to move around lately, and this is because of the big 6.6″ inch screen.


If you plan to upgrade from a much older model, you must also get an original Samsung smartphone charger, as the new chargers are fast chargers and will charge you [hone much faster. Don’t bother going to any of those popular smartphone accessory shops because the cheap or compatible phone chargers don’t work as they should.

Trust me on this as I have bought one charger, which claims to be Samsung compatible and cost me RM40, but it did not perform as how the original one quickly charges the phone. Ultimately, I returned to a Samsung retail shop and got the original charger, which cost around RM85 and worked perfectly.

So, USB Type-C cables are also necessary; the cheap cables will not give you the full charging experience; hence you still need to get the original cables for properly charging your smartphones. I know they cost more, but you will not regret it in the long run. Again, I am speaking from pure experience.


There you go; I hope you found my Galaxy A34 5G first impression review interesting and easy to understand. From my point of view, I am an everyday user, and I have been reviewing smartphones from as far back as 2009. You can also look at some of the other smartphone reviews I have done.

And for anyone interested in getting this mid-range and budget-friendly smartphone, please check out the Samsung Malaysia website, as they currently have several offers ongoing. Some even for trade-in, so contact them.

My reviews are straightforward and target the general consumer, not the geek market or technical nerds. If you noticed, all the main websites that do reviews are always technical, and many are lost when reading them. Just wait; many tech sites will soon start taking my approach and doing more consumer-friendly reviews.

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