Sponsored Monitor Tour to Japan
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Sponsored Monitor Tour to Japan

The JNTO Kuala Lumpur office has announced a special Sponsored Monitor Tour to Japan, and this campaign is looking for three pairs of participants who are interested in collaborating with JNTO KL to plan and participate in three sponsored Monitor Tours to Japan: Tohoku, Kyushu, and Tokai. Each of the region tours will be a five-night trip.

This comes at a perfect time when Japan is now one of the most popular countries to visit for tourism, and the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) Kuala Lumpur Office is taking the lead by offering sponsored tours to Japan.

Sponsored Monitor Tour to Japan

A Japan for You is the primary campaign where the sponsored monitor tours are the second season.

The sponsored trips are part of the second season of the #AJapanForYou campaign and offer the opportunity for three pairs of participants to collaborate closely with JNTO Kuala Lumpur to design their dream tour of Japan.

The catch is that in exchange for promoting Japan’s tourism destinations, all participants will be provided with round-trip economy flight tickets from KLIA or KLIA2, accommodation for five nights capped at RM450 per night per person or couple, public transportation fees and general overseas travel insurance.

Personal expenses such as snacks, food and beverages, mobile roaming, attraction admission fees, and overall entertainment are not included.

Those interested must fill out and submit an online application form, providing their draft itinerary for two to three days, the reason for their interest in the selected monitor tour, their main expectations for the tour and information about their travel companion.

What is a Monitor Tour?

A Monitor Tour is where you can explore unique places in Japan with parts of your travel expenses sponsored** in return for your contribution to promoting Japan tourism!

**For these Monitor Tours, parts of your travel expenses will be covered (up to a capped amount), including:

• All-in Return Economy Flight Tickets (from KLIA/KLIA2)

• Accommodation for 5 Nights

• Public Transportation Fee, and

• Overseas Travel Insurance

The participants shall bear all other expenses, such as F&B, mobile roaming, activity and attraction admission fees, shopping, etc.

What do selected participants need to do for the Monitor Tours?

  1. Each Monitor Tour requires two people to travel: the selected participant and a friend or family member.
  2. Participants should independently plan an itinerary tailored to their preferences. Throughout the process, feedback and potential adjustments from the JNTO Kuala Lumpur office should be expected to ensure an enjoyable experience.
  3. Participants are responsible for making and managing all travel arrangements, except flight and travel insurance arrangements, which the project secretariat, Clozette Malaysia Sdn, will handle. Bhd.
  4. Participants must take photos/videos of themselves while planning and enjoying the tour. These photos/videos should be shared on participants’ social media accounts and JNTO’s platforms, and the original files should be submitted to JNTO after the tour. JNTO reserves the right to feature, edit, and reassemble the submitted photos and video footage, including those that feature participants, for promotional, marketing, and other purposes as deemed necessary.
  5. Participants must take a post-monitor tour survey to share feedback with the JNTO Kuala Lumpur office.

How to apply for a Sponsored Monitor Tour to Japan

For each Monitor Tour, you will need to fill out and submit an online application form sharing information, such as:

  • A simple two or 3-day itinerary for a Monitor Tour (an example is available in the application form).
  • The reason for your interest in the selected Monitor Tour(s) and your main expectations for the tour(s).
  • Information about your travel companion.
  • Your social media accounts and sample travel photos/videos, if available.
Sponsored Tohoku Monitor Tour
Click on the link below to apply for the sponsored Tohoku Monitor Tour.

About Tohoku: The Tohoku region of Japan, encompassing six rural prefectures, boasts unspoiled landscapes, historical treasures, summer adventures, and winter sports. Check out the Tohoku destination guide for more information. Apply for the Tohoku Monitor Tour now.

Sponsored Kyushu Monitor Tour
Click on the link below to apply for the Kyushu Sponsored Monitor Tour.

About Kyushu: In the southern part of Japan, the Kyushu region encompasses seven prefectures offering a taste of both cutting-edge modernity and slow-paced living. Check out the Kyushu destination guide for more information. Apply for the Kyushu Monitor Tour now.

Sponsored Tokai Monitor Tour
Click on the link below to apply for the Sponsored Tokai Monitor Tour.

About Tokai: Served by the Shinkansen, the Tokai region, with its five prefectures, blends world-renowned destinations, local splendour, ancient heritage, modern industry, and stunning nature. Check out the Tokai destination guide for more information. Apply for the Tokai+ Monitor Tour now.


This is an opportunity for Malaysians to explore the lesser-visited regions of Japan and discover another side of Japanese culture, which includes so many different things. Currently, most visitors to Japan love to travel to Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, and Kyoto.

JNTO Kuala Lumpur is now offering Malaysians the opportunity to apply for the Sponsored Monitor Tour to Japan through this exciting campaign. I wish all applicants good luck.

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