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Great news for board game lovers: BOXCON 2024 takes off this 22-23 June at KLIA2, a unique move in introducing this hobby to local and international passengers and promoting Malaysian board game designers. This special event is co-organised by KakiTabletop and BOX in a pre-promotional campaign for the Boardgame Odyssey Expo 2024 event in August.


BOX is also Malaysia’s first Asian Board Games Festival, now in its second year. It aspires to bring board game publishers from all over Asia together under one roof, right here in Malaysia, at the Strand Mall in Selangor from 26-27 August.

In early June 2024, KakiTabletop organised International Tabletop Day 2024 in Malaysia to celebrate this pastime that has been played for centuries and touched the lives of millions worldwide. Over the years, Malaysia has also seen an increase in board game fans all over the country, with many board game cafes mushrooming.

Sponsored by WCT Group, BOXCON 2024 will feature seven Malaysian board game designers. One vendor will promote its Taiwanese board game, and one will promote its TRPG or tabletop role-playing game.

Board Games from Malaysia
Some of the Malaysian Board Games will be promoted during BOXCON 2024.

There will be more than a dozen games for sale at this event, and board games and designers include;

  • Centlus Games is a local board game distribution, retail, rental, and event.
  • Cili Padi Games is an award-winning game design and publishing studio. Faculty of Fun, the connoisseurs of fun, and the Nasi Lemak game.
  • Hardknocks Creatives is a renowned author, artist, sculptor, craftsman, etc.
  • Meja Belakang is a game designer with Drama Pukul 7 & Nak Makan Apa.
  • Nightshade Tavern is a Malaysian TTRPG community (Tabletop role-playing game)
  • nPips Games is an organiser and game designer: Furmation of Rome.
  • Specky Studio is revolutionising education through gamification. Zodiac Go is a casual card game for gatherings, parties, coffee breaks, etc.

For more information, please visit the official BOXCON 2024 website or their official KakiTabletop Facebook Page.


  • Exact Location: Event space behind KLIA Express station at Level 2, between Departures & Main Terminal
  • Address: Terminal 2, KL International Airport (KLIA), 64000 KLIA, Sepang
  • Date: June 22-23, 2024
  • Time: 11:00 am till 9:00 pm
  • Email: gateway@klia


Malaysia Board Game
During the last International Tabletop Day in Malaysia, several board games were promoted and played.


As part of the build-up to BOX or Boardgame Odyssey Expo 2024 at the Strand Mall in Kota Damansara, Petaling, BOXCON 2024 will take place at KILA2 from 22-23 June. Therefore, if you are travelling during this period, head there early and stop by to see this exciting event.

Even if you want to learn more, you can always drive there or hop on the KLIA Express to check out this event. As I will be travelling to Sulawesi for birdwatching on 23 June, I will head to KLIA2 much earlier to catch BOXCON 2024 to see some of the talented local board game designers.

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