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Kuta Beach Photo

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach Photo 

This is my first photo of the day where it shows the famous Kuta Beach in Bali. The most popular beach on the island, thousands of visitors come here daily as it is located in central Kuta town on Bali, Indonesia.

The beach is well known for surfing, sun tanning and also for the famous Balinese Beach Massage. Coming here on the weekend will see thousands of holidaymakers enjoying Kuta Beach.

One of the popular landmarks here is the Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe Bali, where the property is located across the beach that stretches almost a kilometre or more from one end to the other.

You will also see many photographers taking photos here, while on occasion, you may even catch some local Balinese ceremonies or rituals being performed here.


Kuta Beach is also a great place to catch the sunset if you love romantic moments, among some of the many things you can do. Next time you visit Bali, don’t forget to check out Kuta Beach here.

There are also many other well-known beaches to explore, namely Canggu Beach, Seminyak Beach and even Sanur Beach. All of them within driving distance from Kuta.

And if it is your first time visiting Bali, I will highly recommend visiting this beach as it is one thing that every traveller must do when they arrive here.

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