Crystal Lotus Restaurant Hong Kong Disneyland Review


Crystal Lotus Restaurant Hong Kong Disneyland Review

During a recent trip to the Hong Kong Disneyland, I was invited to try out the Crystal Lotus Restaurant at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel which is located in the parking area.

Serving authentic Chinese cuisines, a 7-course Chinese meal was prepared for me and my partner where we had no expectations on to what was coming our way. I mean, this is Disneyland, therefore, our expectations were decently average but when the food started coming our way, all we could say was wow.

Totally out of our expectations, the effort, preparations, taste and overall experience was simply amazing. I had never had such detailed Chinese cuisine in my entire life like I did here.

After coming from a multi-racial country like Malaysia, I had my fair share of Chinese cuisines around the country but here in Hong Kong Disneyland, this restaurant took a new twist to Chinese food.

Course by course the element of surprise got better only to be doubly surprised by how the chefs here use various methods of incorporating the Disney character of Mickey Mouse in some of the dishes.

The bar at Crystal Lotus Restaurant

Our verdict was simple, if you are a Chinese food lover and want to try something unique when visiting Disneyland Hong Kong, you should make a reservation at the Crystal Lotus Restaurant which is located at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

No regrets as in taste-wise, it supersedes your expectations. You can order À la carte or even by course meals here. The ambience of the restaurant is also something to look at due to the mix designs of modern contemporary with a Chinese.

In total, there are 2238 lotuses that decorate the entire restaurant. Look out for the amazing lotus chandelier that hangs in the back dining area. A beautifully designed bar is also available for those wanting some cocktails or other drinks.

Crystal Lotus Restaurant Photos

Below are some photos which I took during the 7-course Chinese dinner there. Click on the pictures to see the full size.

Crystal Lotus Restaurant entrance
Smoked Duck Breast in Piggy Mask Buns
Grouper Fillet Dumplings
Dried Scallops in Mickey Winter Melon Chicken Soup
Wok fried shrimps with Disney root vegetables
Wok Fried Tenderloin Beef Cubes with vegetables
Tasmanian Crab Meat Fried Rice
Mickey Chilled Mango Pudding
Crystal Lotus Menu
Crystal Lotus Chandelier

Crystal Lotus Restaurant is located at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel which is on the park premises.

Crystal Lotus Restaurant Lunch Promotion Details

Serving Time

  • 12:00noon – 2:00pm (Mondays – Fridays)
  • 11:00am – 3:00pm (Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays)
  • HK$371 & up per Person (Original Price HK$415)
  • (Minimum 2 persons, price included tea condiment and service; thus, you can visit the Hong Kong Disneyland Website for rooms, packages and any other info for further details.


My visit to the theme park here is my second in just five years and the main reason to come back again was to see some of the Hong Kong Disneyland new rides and attractions.

The first time when I visited, I stayed in the city of Hong Kong while this time around, we stayed at the Disney’s Hollywood Hotel in the park itself. If you have a family and want an experience to remember, I recommend you stay at any of the Disneyland Hotels in Hong Kong.

I hope you enjoyed my Crystal Lotus Restaurant Hong Kong Disneyland review and would love to hear any feedback from you.

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