Yee Kiau Mee in Melaka

Yee Kiau Mee

Yee Kiau Mee in Melaka

This is Melaka’s hidden food secret, Yee Kiau Mee or Yee Kiau Noodles, which is actually fish paste and noodles served in either soup or dry style. Some stalls sell this, but only two or three, which are very good.

These fantastic fish paste noodles are usually found around the main town area and are sometimes called Hee Kiau Mee. One of the well-known Yee Kiau Mee in Melaka is found at Kampung Lapan and is only sold during the day.

The original dish comes with a selection of fish balls and several types of fish cakes, which are sliced thinly, and you can choose your type of noodles, but many new-generation stalls give you more variety, like a Yong Tau Foo selection to add on.

Kiau Mee or Hee Kiau Mee is best tried in kon low or dry soy sauce with a small bowl of soup. However, you can also order it in the soup style for those who prefer it this way.

Some stalls serve this with pork lard oil and pork lard or chee yau char, while some even throw in some sliced roasted pork or char siew, but you can instruct them to hold all of these when you place your order.

Your order usually comes with a bowl of soup, a small plate of cut red chill, or the stall’s homemade chill sauce. Some stalls will mix the chilli sauce into the black sauce mixture. If you want it with just plain chilli, it is best to let them know if you want the chilli on the side.

Yee Kiau Mee Melaka
One of the Yee Kiau Mee stalls in Melaka also serves Yong  Tau Foo.

The funny thing about Yee Kiau Mee is that you can only find the best ones in Melaka. Going around Malaysia, you will never see any stall selling this dish, as I have been looking for many years.

What comes close to this dish is Fish Ball Noodles or Kampar Noodles, but the comparisons are too far apart. So, for the true foodie or food lover, you must go to Melaka to try this unique dish.

Several stalls sell these unique noodles, and one of the well-known places is called Oriental Cafe in Melaka. However, you must note their opening days and times as, from what I know, they close on Monday and Tuesday. And when it comes to Chinese New Year, they close for two weeks to a whole month.

Melaka Hee Kiau Mee
Hee Kiau Mee with soup at Kg 8 Corner in Melaka.


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This article is also in conjunction with my Visit Malaysia Year Food Special. So next time you visit the historical city of Malacca, ask some locals to find some good Yee Kiau Mee in Melaka or, by the other name, Hee Kiau Mee or fish cake noodles.

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