11 Jul, 2024
7 mins read

D’Tank Paradise Food Court in Melaka

D’Tank Paradise Food Court in Melaka If you have been looking for a decent place to eat, I am recommending D’Tank Paradise Food Court in Melaka as this is one of the newer places that caters to mostly visitors and tourists. This massive Melaka food court opened just after the pandemic, and I have seen […]

3 mins read

Cheng Ho Jiak Food Court

A new Cheng Ho Jiak food court opened in March 2023, and this is one of the very modern-looking concepts brought to this part of Melaka. If you pass Cheng and head to Melaka, this new food court is hard to miss. The uniqueness of this new place is that it is renovated nicely and […]

5 mins read

Newton Food Court in Melaka

Melaka is quite well-known for food courts or medan selera, and in October of 2021, I visited the Newton Food Court in Melaka, which was my second time here in 20 years. Yes, Malaysia has so much food and so many places, it is almost impossible to keep going back to the same places, but […]

3 mins read

Yee Kiau Mee in Melaka

Yee Kiau Mee in Melaka This is Melaka’s hidden food secret, Yee Kiau Mee or Yee Kiau Noodles, which is actually fish paste and noodles served in either soup or dry style. Some stalls sell this, but only two or three, which are very good. These fantastic fish paste noodles are usually found around the […]

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