Newton Food Court in Melaka
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Newton Food Court in Melaka

Melaka Newton Food Court

Melaka is quite well-known for food courts or medan selera, and in October of 2021, I visited the Newton Food Court in Melaka, which was my second time here in 20 years.

Yes, Malaysia has so much food and so many places, it is almost impossible to keep going back to the same places, but thankfully, I am fortunate to visit Melaka frequently as my second home.

Newton Food Court at Bandar Hilir, Melaka

Kluang Food
One of the unique stalls that I hardly see in the city of KL and PJ.

While most visitors to Melaka will probably end up at Jonker Street or Jonker Walk, there are actually many places around the Melaka city area where you can find some great or decent local food.

And no, I am not talking about the famous Nyonya food that everyone seems to only know about. When you travel as much as I do, you will understand that food is very subjective and there are always other popular foods available.

Anyway, during my foodie trip to Melaka, I explored several places and the Newton Food Court at Ujong Pasir is one of them. And to be very honest, only some of the food found here taste quite good. Not all the stalls will satisfy your foodie desires.

So, armed with my Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy Z Flip3, I took food photographs of most of the dishes I tried. And one more thing – I am not that foodie who will rate the dishes or claim everything is fantastic. If it is not nice, I will be honest and say so.

Newton Food Court Food Photos

Grill Fish Ujong Pasir
This is probably the star of Newton Food Court.
Melaka Ikan Bakar
The ikan bakar is served with fresh-cut condiments.

Personally, I was invited to head here to try the well-known grilled fish dishes and, to be very honest, and this was probably one of the best I have had in a long time. The balance of ingredients is perfectly spared for each portion, and the spiciness is one level higher than normal. So if you can’t take spicy, avoid having the Portuguese grilled fish here.

Melaka Fried Kuay Teow
Something told me not to try this, but I ordered it anyway.

Fried Kuay Teow is something that many Malaysians are used to ordering at food courts and coffee shops, but everyone has a different taste towards this famous hawker food.

Over in Melaka, there are actually no well-known Fried Kuay Teow places, but you still see them being sold at the local food courts and coffee shops. However, I have tried a few over the years, and sorry to say, nothing comes close to the ones we find in the Klang Valley.

Wan Tan Mee Melaka
I won’t recommend trying the Wan Tan Mee here as it lacks many things. But you can try eating it the Melaka style with chilli sauce.

One of the dishes I love to order is Wan Tan Mee, and one thing I learned in Melaka is that you should be cautious when ordering this, especially if you love the traditional style noodles as it will not be the same.

Over in Melaka, many locals love to eat Wan Tan Mee with chilli sauce, something that I am not used to, and I have tried it before, but it just doesn’t click with my taste buds. So, if you are adventurous, go ahead and try it with the chilli sauce.

The addition of the chilli sauce is a Melaka thing, only Melakians will know, and some even call this Chilli Buntut. I’m sure there are other names for this chilli sauce.

Otak Otak Melaka Ujong Pasir
The Otak Otak was quite interesting as the fish taste was quite well balanced.

Otak-otak is a favourite among many Malaysians, and ordering a plate as a centre dish is common at food courts. Oer at Newton Food Court, I did order this, and it was pleasantly nice, compared to the ones I find in KL, which are mostly made for making money.

O Chien Melaka Fried Oyster
O Chien or Fried Oyster, done quite well.

Another dish well-known around Melaka is the O Chien or fried oyster. Of course, the majority of foodies will only know the one at Bungaraya, which has been there for many decades and caters to many tourists.

To me, O Chien must be cooked in balance, with a good-sized portion of oysters, and fried to perfection. Not too oily and not too overcooked or burned. And the grand finale of this dish is the chilli sauce accompanying the O Chien.

Where is Newton Food Court in Melaka?

It is located along the main Jalan Parameswara, heading to the Portuguese Settlement in Bandar Hilir. It is also on the way to Ujong Pasir, so it is hard to miss. Anyway, a map is below to assist you in the directions there.

Newton Medan Selera Melaka
The food court at night.


If you are interested in more food, I have a section dedicated to food reviews around Malaysia, and anyone heading to Melaka for a few days can try to make a trip to Newton Food Court in Melaka for dinner, and who knows, you may even find something unique here to eat.

After all, there are so many unique food courts found all over the city, and I will eventually take some time to explore each one of them. And when I do, I will share my findings here with you.

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