Agenzy Samsung Web Series Malaysia
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Agenzy Samsung Web Series Malaysia

Samsung Agenzy Series

Behind every successful campaign, a team of brilliant marketers work diligently from dusk to dawn to bring out the finest experience for audiences. Though it appears cool, fun and full of imagination from the outside, it is not always all roses behind the curtains.

Now, you can watch the whole experience of accomplishing marketing projects for Samsung Malaysia by a team of talented influencers on AgenZy; a unique web series brought to you by Samsung Malaysia.

Agenzy Samsung Web Series Malaysia

AgenZy is a web series starring your favourite Malaysian influencers that include;

  • Marianne Tan (@mariannetpy)
  • Shawn Gan (@shawngkm)
  • Brandon Ho (@itsbrandonho)
  • Shu Faye (@shufayewong)
  • Wei Keat (@chanweikeat)
  • Alex (@alex_hkf)

The story goes as they take over a marketing agency called “AgenZy” and plan on promotional campaigns for Samsung’s new Galaxy Z, Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch series. From brainstorming to production planning then execution, all members of AgenZy will come together to bring their creative ideas to life in the real world.

With a fresh and new team to the fast-paced and innovative working environments, the show will be exciting, funny, moving and educational for them and the viewers. The series consists of six episodes; the first episode of AgenZy will be premiered on 26th November 2021 on Samsung Malaysia’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

Be sure to tune in now to the inner workings of marketing production with the team at AgenZy as they unfold a variety of captivating concepts and create remarkable projects together.


For more information on the Galaxy Z Series, kindly visit the Samsung Malaysia official website.

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