Halal Restaurant at Osaka Kansai Airport
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Halal Restaurant at Osaka Kansai Airport

For Muslim travellers, I discovered that there is a Halal restaurant at Osaka Kansai Airport. It is located in the local food court and serves a variety of Japanese soba and udon noodles.

Over the years, a few Halal restaurants have been found at the airport, and this particular outlet works excellently for travellers who arrive in Kansai early in the morning. The timing is perfect for you just before you get your train into Osaka or Kyoto.

Halal Restaurant at Osaka Kansai Airport

For the record, I visited Osaka in 2014 and wrote an article on the Kansai Osaka airport review, highlighting what was available. Back then, there were already a few Halal Japanese restaurants available.

But since ten years ago, the Kansai Airport has undergone renovations, resulting in a more modern look and feel, catering to the increase in tourists to Osaka. It looks like they created a whole new food court with several Japanese restaurants catering to all walks of life.

Osaka Airport Halal Udon Restaurant
Halal food is found on Tasty Street on the 2nd Floor of the airport.

Once I arrived on my morning flight via AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur to Osaka, the hunger for breakfast kicked in since I had slept in the plane for most of the flight. After immigration and the bag collection, I headed upstairs to the second Floor of KIX Terminal 1, where you can find Tasty Street.

This place looks like a nice shopping mall with several types of food and beverage restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and fast food joints. The Halal Japanese Restaurant is in the back area of the main street, where it looks more like a food court.

When you see 551 Horai and Curry House San Marco, head inside that lane, and it will take you to four more stalls selling only Japanese food. The first stall, Kineya Mugimaru, sells Hapal Japanese Udon noodles. However, the shop has no English name, so you will see the Halal sign hanging there.

Halal Food Menu Osaka KIX
The standard Halal food menu. Note that there are two prices, one before and one after tax.

Kineya Mugimaru is a self-service Halal food shop, so you must go to the counter, order your food, add whatever you need, and then pay. After you pay, you collect your noodles and then move over to the Uson soup dispenser, where you add soup, and there is a tray for condiments to be added.

Each Japanese food stall here provides empty cups. To get water, go to the hand wash area with a water dispenser. The water is free; you need to get the cups from the individual food stalls.

I was actually here to try other Japanese food from Maido Ookinishokudo Kankushokudo, located two stalls away, but I sat in front of the Halal Japanese Udon stall. Hence, I was surprised and decided to share this here. I noticed a lot of Muslim travellers, namely Malaysians, who were a little lost when they arrived here—more unsure until they saw the Halal logo.

As a chain reaction, when one group bought the food, another group of Muslim travellers arrived and saw this group, instantly making them line up to order. Sadly, I had targeted my own choice of food. Therefore, I did not have the chance to try it.

But from the looks of the customers who ordered this, their faces indicated how good the Halal Udon Noodles were, and I’m sure this one here tasted much better than back home in Malaysia. After all, you are in the land of Japanese food.

Osaka KIX Airport Halal Food
Customers outside the Halal food stall.
Free Drinking Water Osaka KIX Airport
The free water dispenser is next to the hand wash area.
Osaka KIX Airport Tasty Street Food Court
An overview of the seating area at Tasty Street.
Osaka Kansai Airport Kineya Mugimaru
The Halal restaurant is located on Tasty Street in the airport.

Kineya Mugimaru
Tasty Street, 2nd Floor,
Kansai International Airport (KIX) Terminal 1


Muslim travellers arriving on the morning flight to Osaka can now head here for their Halal Japanese Udon breakfast before catching their train into Osaka or Kyoto. I was visiting both cities for work in April 2024.

While working here, I stayed at Travelodge Kyoto and Travelodge Osaka, located in convenient areas where walking to attractions or train stations is easy. The hotels also cater to many Malaysians and other nationalities, and the staff speaks good English.

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