Cosplay Facebook Groups in Malaysia
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Cosplay Facebook Groups in Malaysia

If you are a cosplayer looking for cosplay Facebook groups in Malaysia, look no further, as I have narrowed down most of these groups below and made a master list for anyone who may be interested.

These Malaysian cosplay groups are mainly privately managed throughout the country. Therefore, if you are in Penang or Sabah, you can see if your state has a cosplay group to join. Some groups are free to join, while others require some questions.

Cosplay Facebook Groups in Malaysia

You can join two types: cosplay groups or cosplay pages. Some are quite active, while others are less active. Again, please be mindful and respectful when joining these groups. Some groups are Chinese-speaking or Malay-speaking, so please choose the right group to join. Some groups or pages also specialise in buying, selling, or renting cosplay items.

Cosplay Group Malaysia
One of the cosplay promotions in a group.

Malaysia Cosplay Groups in General


Cosplay Facebook Group Malaysia.
What do some of the postings in the Facebook groups look like?

Cosplay Groups by States in Malaysia

Note that not all the states have cosplay groups, and if you know of a group in a non-listed state, please let me know, and I will list it here.

Kuala Lumpur




Kedah (Not Active)

Kelantan (Not active since 2023)




Malaysia Cosplay Buy Sell Facebook Group
One of the sellers on a Facebook group in Malaysia.

Cosplay Merchandise Sellers in Malaysia

Below is a list of Cosplay merchandise and equipment sellers in Malaysia. Some of them buy and sell, while some even rent. So you need to join the groups to see what is available.


Thank you for viewing this list. Here is also a complete list of cosplay events in Malaysia for 2024. The events are listed by month, with the dates, event name, venue, and link back to the organizer.

Again, if you know of any other Facebook groups in Malaysia not listed in this list of cosplay Facebook groups, please let me know in the comment form below. Thank you.

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