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Galaxy A33 5G First Impression Review

Review Galaxy A33 5G Malaysia

Since running my own little retail business, I’ve been quite busy, especially with walk-in customers who randomly just appear. And since the Covid 19 pandemic, I’ve also shifted a percentage of my business online.

While doing that, I resorted to using my smartphone a little more from 2020 and now I’ve sort of upgraded to the latest Samsung phone so here is my Galaxy A33 5G first impression and review.

Galaxy A33 5G First Impression Review

To me, a phone is a phone, especially when I started back in July of 2007 when the iPhone 1 initially launched, I had early experience in smartphones and have seen how they progressed over the last 15 years.

Galaxy A33 Unboxing Malaysia
After unboxing the Galaxy A33 5G

From the iPhone 1, I moved on to Samsung Note 1 in October of 2011, and still, those days were the infancy of smartphones. However, I managed to learn and understand the basics and their capabilities of them.

Nowadays, if you look around, seems like every Tom, Jane and Harry is a smartphone expert where many only got into the game in the last five years or so. Well, it goes to show how fast humans can adapt and change.

After over a decade of using smartphones, we have arrived at an age where the Metaverse, online shopping and social media have dominated not only the young, but the older generations in society.

The pandemic thought many how to shop online, and also to sell online utilising various platforms, but mind you, I was already selling online since the mid-90s after eBay launched in 1995 giving me an overall total of 27 years selling online. But then again, the new sellers seem to know better.

Unboxing Galaxy A33 5G Malaysia
The startup screen of the smartphone.

So, I’ve grown organically, from the desktop days and smartphone days minus apps that simplified selling, buying and everything else. When apps were introduced, many smartphones could not handle them, leaving many users frustrated.

Nowadays, things are so different as technology has improved tremendously in the last five years, where the power of smartphones can be equivalent to simple desktops or laptops.

My original pattern of using a desktop for my online shop started to change in 2020 and now with the Galaxy A33 5G, I’ve almost completely moved fully to this incredibly fast smartphone.

You can also read about my Galaxy A33 5G unboxing experience when I received the unit here in Malaysia.

Review of the Galaxy A33 5G

My first impression honestly, is the large 6.4-inch OLED screen, which makes viewing everything so much more fun. Below is a quick take on the key factors of the A33 5G.

Malaysia Galaxy A33 5G
The 6.4-inch screen for the Galaxy A33 5G.

Power – I don’t know why, but there are many out there who look at mere power for their smartphones, so here it is. The Galaxy A33 5G comes with the Exynos 1280 chipset and 8GB of RAM, which is exactly the same as the Galaxy A53.

For gamers, you can still play some serious online games but if you want the best results, I would ask you to go for the A73 or straight for the Galaxy S22 series. Again, this is still a mid-range budget phone that packs some decent power for the price.

Galaxy A33 5G Malaysia
The beautiful Awesome Peach colour for the Galaxy A33 5G.

Colour – The peach colour is kind of a ladies’ colour, but again, my retail business is shared with my wife, so we both use the Galaxy A33 5G and nowadays, phone colours don’t mean anything anymore.

Camera – Honestly, I have been a smartphone photographer for many years now and since the Galaxy S10 Plus, I’ve been using Samsung phones for all my product photography. The camera quality for web photos is so superior compared to 10 years ago. Nowadays, who needs high resolution when the smartphone A.I. is so intelligent, resulting in some of the best product photos for my business.

Another highlight I would like to stress is the 5 MP macro sensors for close up photography on my products. The earlier models I was using never had these functions so I had to crop a lot of images. Now, I can easily shoot super-close to some of my products.

Galaxy A33 5G Review Malaysia
The amazing camera system on the A33 5G.

Video – For quick videos, I also choose to use smartphones because it’s hassle-free and easy, namely to all of the new technology like stabilisation, high video quality and of course, the A.I.

Battery Life – Probably the most important section that people want to know about and the Galaxy A33 5G can last almost 12 hours on one charge, with general usage.

Future Updates – This one is something new in the review area where many are asking if current models will get continuous upgrades, as we have heard some older models discontinued their upgrades after several years.

The good news is that the Galaxy A33 5G is getting 4 generations of Android upgrades and 5 years of security patches, meaning the smartphone will last you until 2027. But I bet that most users would upgrade their phones in two to three years.

Price – For that RM1,499, I have to say it’s probably one of the most affordable smartphones in the market that is bundled with a mid-range package. To be very honest, if you think the high-end phones are too expensive, this is the perfect solution.

Review Galaxy A33 5G Smartphone
My 1st impression of the Galaxy A33 5G.

For anyone who is interested to find out more, you can obtain additional information or buy this from the official Samsung Malaysia website as they have some add-on promotions.



If you don’t care about million megapixels, gajillion refresh rates and fancy aluminium or curved glass designs, then the A33 5G is definitely recommended, especially if you are a new user or someone who wants a simply buy a functional phone.

This Galaxy A33 5G first impression and review are based on my personal experience using the unit for a couple of weeks since it was launched.

So far, it has been an amazing journey with the A33 5G and I continue to look forward to exploring other capabilities of the smartphone.

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