Galaxy A33 5G Unboxing
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Galaxy A33 5G Unboxing

Malaysia Galaxy A33 5G Unboxing

Great news for my small business: I have just done the Galaxy A33 5G unboxing as my new business phone. It was also high time for me to upgrade my current smartphone to a new one.

I have been a huge fan of the Galaxy series since the inaugural model of Galaxy Note 1 until this very day since I have been using it for the last 11 years since October 2011.

Galaxy A33 5G Unboxing

Malaysia Galaxy A33 5G
The start-up screen for the Galaxy A33 5G.

Since Samsung did away with the smartphone chargers, the boxes have become sleep and simple, and sometimes I wonder how they pack everything else into the box.

My first impression is the box looked so small, but after unboxing the Galaxy A33 5G, I realised that the entire phone was the size of the box. Very clever indeed.

Malaysia Unboxing Galaxy A33 5G
The smartphone comes in a slim box.

Each original box comes sealed, and you need to cut the sticker label that secures the smartphone box and slide out the contents.

You see the white smaller box inside, which holds the warranty card, regional lock guide, a Samsung Pay cashback info card, and the USB C-type charging cable.

The phone is protected with a clear and black printed film with the make and model printed on it, and I simply removed it like a sticker from the peel-off side. A sim-card pin is located inside the box, which is hard to miss.

Galaxy A33 5G Awesome Peach
The stunning Awesome Peach colour.

The colour I received was Awesome Peach, which is fresh and easily recognisable when placed anywhere in my shop.

My last smartphone was black in colour, so it was often confused with my personal phone or even my customers’ phones.

So this time around, I opted for something a little funkier in terms of colours, and as you know, these days, people do not really bother much about colours anymore.

Colours Galaxy A33 5G
The available colours.


The recommended retail price of the Galaxy A33 5G is RM1,499, and it comes in 4 different colours depending on your style.

You can get more information or buy this from the official Samsung Malaysia website as they have some add-on promotions.

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