01 Jun, 2024
2 mins read

Huawei P50 Night Photography Review in Kuching

In June, I managed to do a Huawei P50 night photography review in Kuching before attending the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) at the Sarawak Cultural Village. This was unexpected as I usually visit Kuching for a day before heading to the festival, but I decided to spend a couple of days here before going […]

1 min read

Huawei P50 Price in Malaysia

Since the announcement of the new flagship smartphone, many have been curious about the Huawei P50 Price in Malaysia, and it is now available for sale. Most importantly, Huawei has termed the P50 as a Legend Reborn with many new additions to this flagship unit. Huawei P50 Price in Malaysia While many have been patiently […]

6 mins read

Galaxy A33 5G First Impression Review

Since running my own little retail business, I’ve been quite busy, especially with walk-in customers who randomly just appear. And since the Covid 19 pandemic, I’ve also shifted a percentage of my business online. While doing that, I resorted to using my smartphone a little more from 2020 and now I’ve sort of upgraded to […]

2 mins read

Galaxy A33 5G Unboxing

Great news for my small business: I have just done the Galaxy A33 5G unboxing as my new business phone. It was also high time for me to upgrade my current smartphone to a new one. I have been a huge fan of the Galaxy series since the inaugural model of Galaxy Note 1 until […]

2 mins read

Samsung Galaxy Diamond S23 Rumours

According to rumours which have been wildly circulated around the world, ‘Project Diamond’ stands for the Galaxy S23, and not Samsung’s first rollable smartphone as many thought. These days in the age of technological advancements for smartphones and gadgets, we have started seeing more people sharing all kinds of rumours on social media. Samsung Galaxy […]

1 min read

Samsung #FoodiePicks Contest

There is a Samsung #FoodiePicks Contest for Samsung Malaysia fans, which is ongoing from 18 March to 14 April 2022. From Nasi Lemak to roti canai and burgers, we Malaysians all have that one dish that gets our tastebuds going. So, you can now share with Samsung your favourite food, and you could stand a […]

4 mins read

Night Vibe Challenge Galaxy S22 Nightography

Samsung users can now perfect their Nightscape Shots with Nightography on the Galaxy S22 Series. When the sun goes down and nighttime unravels its beauty, going for a stargazing trip and attempting to capture the dreamy sky is something you should absolutely do – at least once in your life. Capturing the stars you gaze […]

2 mins read

Samsung Galaxy S22’s 100GB OneDrive Cloud Storage

New users can take advantage of Samsung Galaxy S22’s 100GB OneDrive Cloud Storage if they are heavy users for photography or just love to take photos with their Galaxy smartphone. From smoother, clearer nighttime videos and photos in low light conditions with Nightography features, to more steady-state clarity images – to the enhanced zoom capabilities […]

1 min read

Galaxy S22 Pre-Order in Malaysia

The wait is finally over, and many Malaysians are eager to get their hands on the latest Galaxy S devices as soon as possible. And the good news is that Samsung Malaysia is thrilled to announce that consumers can do the Galaxy pre-order in Malaysia, starting 10 February until 3 March 2022. Galaxy S22 Pre-Order […]

9 mins read

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – The Ultimate and Most Premium S Series Launched

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. unveiled Galaxy S22 Ultra on February 9 2022, merging the best of two smartphone legacies – the unrivalled power of the Note series and the pro-grade camera and performance of the S series – to set a new standard for premium smartphones. Featuring a built-in S Pen, advanced Nightography and video […]

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