Samsung Galaxy Diamond S23 Rumours

Samsung Galaxy Diamond S23 Rumours

Samsung Galaxy Diamond S23 Rumours

According to rumours which have been wildly circulated around the world, ‘Project Diamond’ stands for the Galaxy S23, and not Samsung’s first rollable smartphone as many thought.

These days in the age of technological advancements for smartphones and gadgets, we have started seeing more people sharing all kinds of rumours on social media.

Samsung Galaxy Diamond S23 Rumours

Rumour-mongers and some tech sites have been sharing news that Samsung was working on the Galaxy Rollable phone and was supposed to launch end of 2022 or early 2023.

The hush-hush project was also codenamed “Diamond” or ‘Galaxy N4’ and was slated to be released during the launch of Galaxy Flip4 and Galaxy Fold4 in August of 2022.

Of course, this got a lot of people excited because the talk of a rollable phone was already in the news since 2020 when another company announced it was working on one. Even Oppo has been quietly working on a rollable phone.

When did the Samsung Galaxy Rollable Phone Rumour Start?

The entire rumour was started by Ice Universe, a well-known tipster, but since then, he deleted his tweet. That on its own suggests he was not accurate.

Before he delete his tweet, however, Ross Young, a well-known display analyst, revealed the information regarding the Galaxy S23. So, it seems like Samsung’s first rollable smartphone will have to wait until at least 2023.

Ross Young did say, a while back, that the companies first rollable was supposed to launch at the end of 2022, but Samsung decided to push it back to 2023 and the project was codenamed, Galaxy Diamond.


The Samsung Galaxy Diamond S23 Rumours are still hot on social media with so many speculations, I have to say that there is no prize for those who get it correct.

In the end, I just do like always and wait for the official announcement from Samsung as it would be the accurate information that everyone wants to hear. Till then, just relax and enjoy life.

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