Huawei P50 Night Photography Review in Kuching
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Huawei P50 Night Photography Review in Kuching

Night Photography Review Huawei P50 Kuching

In June, I managed to do a Huawei P50 night photography review in Kuching before attending the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) at the Sarawak Cultural Village.

This was unexpected as I usually visit Kuching for a day before heading to the festival, but I decided to spend a couple of days here before going to the RWMF.

Huawei P50 Night Photography Review in Kuching

As you will see below, I am not much of a talker because I prefer to let the photos do the talking when you look at them. My style of smartphone photography is effortless, and I love to explore many areas like culture, landscape, nature, food and more.

One of my favourites is night photography, as I constantly challenge the smartphone to see how well they can handle the night mode. So far, I have been quite impressed with how much the technology has improved in the last two to three years.

After arriving in Kuching, I strolled around the main city area, exploring the overall tourist attractions and food, before heading to the Kuching Waterfront to test the Huawei P50 for night photography.

Areas I covered include the main Kuching Waterfront, Darul Hana Bridge, Sarawak Legislative Building and India Street.

Night Photography with Huawei P50 in Kuching, Sarawak

Review Huawei P50 Kuching
The famous Kuching Cat Statues in the city’s centre, photographed in night mode.
Malaysia Huawei P50 Camera Review
Night cyclist exploring India Street in Kuching. Photographed with normal mode.
Photography Huawei P50
One of the old trees is lit with lights in the waterfront area and photographed using the night mode on the phone.
Dual Matrix Huawei P50 Review
Kuching Waterfront is seen through one of the Darul Hana Bridge structures and photographed in night mode on the P50.
Kuching Waterfront Huawei P50
The DUN Building and Darul Hana Bridge are in ultra-wide and night mode on the P50.
Malaysia Huawei P50 Camera Review
Kuching Waterfront is seen at night, photographed with night mode.
Review Huawei P50 Kuching Malaysia
The Sarawak DUN Building reflects against a puddle of water in the night mode of the P50.
Sarawak Huawei P50
A neon-lit sign for the city of Kuching.

Before this, I did some other reviews using the Huawei P50 for Moon Photography and, for one of my newfound favourites, macro smartphone photography, also using the same phone.


I hope you enjoyed this Huawei P50 night photography review in Kuching and that you will check out my Rainforest World Music Festival 2022 photos taken using the same phone.

Again, I have put a lot of hope into smartphones as I use them for my general photography, and you will see more reviews related to this.

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