AirAsia Food Delivery
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AirAsia Food Delivery

AirAsia Food Delivery

Red, green or pink, food delivery riders continue to do their part in helping to keep us all safe at home as a majority of Malaysia complies with the Movement Control Order (MCO 2.0).

With restaurants only allowed to offer take-out services, F&B operators pin their hopes on delivery orders while awaiting diners to revisit their outlets when things get better.

This is where AirAsia Food Delivery was successfully launched to meet the clients and customers demands in the delivery business in Malaysia.

AirAsia Food Delivery

Seven months down the road, AirAsia food with its signature ‘Red’ delivery bag and some of the most good-looking delivery squads in town (it’s true!) has grown exponentially, with new merchants signing up every day and riders adding more delivery mileage every second.

The second time around (yes, we’re talking about MCO 2.0 & MCO 3.0), Malaysians have gotten accustomed to what needs to be done during a lockdown, and so are F&B operators.

Many who have pivoted from only dine-in to also include delivery in the previous year are pulling a strong game with new menus and promotional offers to ensure business sustainability throughout the movement control order.

Sabrina Khaw, Head of AirAsia food, shares: “Food delivery is now more than ever, an essential revenue stream, if not a primary one, for our merchants. Hence, we continue to run on flat-rate delivery packages, enabling merchants to earn more as it is only equivalent to 10% of commission rates, one of the lowest in the market.

We also observed an increase in new merchant sign-ups within a short period once MCO2.0 was announced, especially in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, which vary from small scale restaurants to larger chain outlets.”

To enable Malaysians to savour their favourite meals during MCO 2.0, AirAsia food offers Unlimited Free Delivery throughout the MCO period for orders within Klang Valley, with a delivery radius of 15km from the outlet.

Destiny of Charlie’s Cafe & Bakery remains optimistic in facing the current challenges, “We choose AirAsia food as our delivery partner because of the support and assistance given by the team, we hope that AirAsia food can grow faster, continue to be innovative with their technology and give the top two leading food delivery platforms a run for their money,” he added.

On the other hand, Dao observes an improvement in sales due to delivery services. Carmen added that “Food delivery services are definitely a great help to all F&B businesses during MCO. It is safe to say with the recent addition of AirAsia food to our delivery platform, we can see a growth of 30% in less than a year.

If you like great deals and a responsible delivery partner, Airasia food is the way to go. I hope food delivery companies and restaurants can work together to provide better, greener, faster and cheaper services to the people.”

AirAsia Food Delivery Service
AirAsia Food Delivery Service.

Keeping up with food distribution

With more people staying at home and a continued surge in food delivery orders, keeping up with food distribution is amongst the top priority for Teleport, the logistics arm under Airasia digital, and the delivery partner for Airasia food.

Pete Chareonwongsak, CEO of Teleport, said: “In a short period of time, we have successfully grown our small delivery team to approximately 1,500 in Malaysia. Due to the latest reinstatement of the MCO, our orders are up by 4 times our usual average, and the numbers are rising, especially with our Unlimited Free Delivery offer.

We are also pleased to welcome back many former AirAsia Allstars from cabin crew, pilots, aircraft technicians, ramp officers, guests services and others to be our delivery partners, or also known as Teleporters. Many of them had to switch job roles when affected by the pandemic, and we are happy to provide job opportunities to those in need during these difficult times.

We are constantly looking for new Teleporters to join us, and anyone who possesses a mode of transport, whether it be a motorbike or a car, can sign up.

We are looking to aggressively expand to cities such as Ipoh, Seremban, Johor Bahru, Penang, Kota Bharu, Kuching and Miri – so if you’re in one of these cities and want to be a Teleporter (we have really cool uniforms too), you can sign up easily by visiting teleport.Asia/delivery partner.”

To expand its delivery into seven more cities across Malaysia, Teleport will also begin its very own Community Entrepreneur Programme in February 2021 – a program catered for enterprising individuals to grow Teleport’s delivery service in specific cities. Interested individuals may apply at the teleport.Asia/TheNextTony by 29 January 2021.


To all foodies and businesses beyond the Klang Valley area, hang tight as AirAsia food is coming to you soon.

To check out what’s on the menu, download the AirAsia Asean super app and click on the ‘Food’ icon or visit