Explorer Lifestyle Is Back!
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Explorer Lifestyle Is Back!

After a really long break of six years from our Explorer Lifestyle blog site, we are now back to continue our Malaysian lifestyle blogging here.

We took a break because we had multiple contracts with various companies to promote their business and maintain their website, which kind of took up almost all of our time.

Because of those contracts, we had no choice but to put Explorer Lifestyle on hold together with some of our other blogs.

And in 2020, the Covid19 Pandemic also took the world by surprise, where travel was literally cut for everyone, and the new normal became a way of life for everyone.

We were affected a little by Covid19 in Malaysia, but that did not stop us from what we were doing. It only made us much stronger, and we even saw a different kind of potential from this pandemic.

It is now 26th December 2020, and we have ridden along with Codiv19 and the new normal where; we now look forward to 2021, which will be a tricky year for many people.

As for Explorer Lifestyle, we have a very positive outlook for many of our businesses, and we welcome the new year with massive amounts of positivity.

Some of our older clients and people we used to do promotions for have also been in contact with us; therefore, you should see some interesting promotions and content being put out here.

What We Manage

Below are some of my other platforms that we manage, some dating back to 2008.

Malaysia Asia, a travel and lifestyle platform since 2008.
The Green Daun, a new age website in Malaysia, plus a physical retail shop.
Bird Watching Asia, a niche birding platform for Malaysia


We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2021 and that the new year will bring back some of the oomph that was taken away during the Covid19 Pandemic.

Also, we encourage you to be positive, have an open mind about many things, focus on whatever you do, and 2021 will be a great year.

If you have any questions or want to know a little more about us and what we do, please contact us, and we will get back to you.