Chee Cheong Fun Mushroom Curry at Sungai Way

Chee Cheong Fun Mushroom Curry Sungai Way

Chee Cheong Fun Mushroom Curry Sungai Way

One of the lesser-known Chee Cheong Fun or CCF stalls is found on top of a wet market in Sungai Way, which is also a very old area of PJ that is often overlooked when it comes to food.

Anyway, since I grew up in PJ, here is my Chee Cheong Fun Mushroom Curry review at the Sungai Way food court, after coming here three times in April, May and June of 2021.

Chee Cheong Fun Mushroom Curry at Sungai Way

First and foremost, this review is based purely on the original way of serving Chee Cheong Fun, which is the plain flat rice noodles and sauce only. It is not the new style mixed Chee Cheong Fun with Yong Tau Foo, which many people are used to.

This hawker stall is rather peculiar because the name mushroom curry sounds like it was picked based on what they were known for. I’m pretty sure when they started, they probably traded under a different name.

And the location of the Sungai Way wet market is also very old school because back then, it was places like these that commanded a strong presence of consumers, namely almost everyone who went to the wet market to get their shopping done.

Sungai Way Chee Cheong Fun
Kedai Makanan Mushroom Curry Chee Cheong Fun in Sungai Way.

Yes, there was once a time when dry and wet markets were thriving until the turn of the millennium when independent grocers and sellers started mushrooming. And when the digital age advanced with fresh food deliveries, and so on, wet markets eventually started to lose their charm.

Because of that, many food courts and hawkers also felt the pinch, and many of them closing shop or moving to other commercial places to continue their business.

Food Court Sungai Way Wet Market
The Sungai Way market food court.

Well, it has been a good 63 years that this Mushroom Curry Chee Cheong Fun has been running, meaning that the grandmother started this business back in 1958. Wow, this has to be the longest-running Chee Cheong Fun business in PJ.

The current operator is the granddaughter, who informed me that she has been running this stall for 47 years to date. Talk about taking pride in your Chee Cheong Fun, and this is what great hawker food is all about. Discovering them and sharing the information here for you.

Sungai Way Famous Food
The mother and daughter at Kedai Makanan Mushroom Curry

Now, her daughter, who is in her late teens, is already being groomed to handle the business, as you can see in the photo above. When she takes over, that is unknown for now as most hawkers would want their children to do well in their studies to have a better future.

So, let’s discuss the Chee Cheong Fun sold here. It is actually based on the Ipoh-style version, hence the green chillis, sauce, and curry. According to the lady, her mother and grandmother originated from Ipoh.

But the noodles are not from there for some reason, and they are made in Cheras, following the Ipoh-style texture. Only the recipe for the sauces was learned from a ‘Sifu’ back then, which is the dish’s trademark.

Chee Cheong Fun Sungai Way
The most basic and plain style of Chee Cheong Fun, the way I like it.

Chee Cheong Fun Types

They serve numerous styles of Chee Cheong Fun which caters to everyone. If you like it plain, they have it, and if you like it drenched, they have it.

  1. Plain Style – Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Sesame Seeds, Fried Onions, Green Chilli
  2. Sauce Style – Brown Sauce, Chilli Sauce over the Chee Cheong Fun
  3. Curry Style – Plain curry sauce over the Chee Cheong Fun
  4. Full Curry – Curry with chicken strips over Chee Cheong Fun
  5. Mushroom Curry – The signature style Chee Cheong Fun
Sungai Way Kari Chee Cheong Fun
The Chee Cheong Fun with a slight mix of curry and green chilli.
PJ Curry Chee Cheong Fun
The full curry with chicken pieces and Chee Cheong Fun.
Chee Cheong Fun Mushroom Curry
The signature mushroom curry Chee Cheong Fun full package.

My Verdict?

The plain style always gets my attention; hence you will see me reviewing more of the plain rather than the heavily soaked ones. Overall, I have to say that the Cheras-made Chee Cheong Fun noodles are pretty good.

Its texture is medium-soft, which has a little slippery effect, and when combined with the soy sauce, sesame oil, seeds and crunchies, it creates one perfect combination. However, her soy sauce is quite salty or “ham” in Chinese, so careful when putting it.

The pickled green chillis are a little sourer yet a little spicy; however, this varies on each batch produced, so you need to see your luck. To me, I could only take a few pieces as the sourness really got to me.

Now, her curry sits on both sides, the good and bad. The goo is that if you take it plain with just a little mix of the curry sauce, it kind of blends well together, creating an interesting taste.

But if you take the full package of curry with chicken slices, the taste suddenly is off. Personally, I think the chicken slices are not a great combination with Chee Cheong Fun, so it was a no-no for me.

The signature style with mushroom, curry and everything else mixed in? Sorry, I’m not a huge fan of mix and match; therefore, I passed on this. But I assume it is a hit with the local PJ people based on what I have heard.

Overall, this Chee Cheong Fun falls into my Top 5 in Petaling Jaya, as every other CCF will have its own distinctive state and style. Therefore, this definitely goes into the top five.

Again, my conclusion is also based on the plain CCF that I prefer and not the over-drenched type. So, it would be best if you tried this to make your own judgement.



Where is Chee Cheong Fun Mushroom Curry at Sungai Way?

It is located on the top floor of the Sungai Way wet market known as Pasar Seri Setia. You must enter the main market to access the food court.

Take the stairs at any corner of the market to go up, and once you arrive at the food court, it is on your far right, the second last stall from the left.

Mushroom Curry Chee Cheong Fun – Stall C16
Sungai Way Market Food Court
Jalan SS9A/1, Sungai Way,
Petaling Jaya 47300

Business Hours: 6.00 AM to 12.00 Noon

Chee Cheong Fun Mushroom Curry Price
The prices of the Chee Cheong Fun here.
Pasar Sungai Way Food Court
The stairs leading up to the food court on the 2nd floor of the wet market.
Wet Market Sungai Way
A photo of the wet market at Sungai Way.

My other Chee Cheong Fun Reviews in PJ

I’ve also been exploring many other places that sell Chee Cheong Fun in PJ, and some of them are pretty unique and different. As I always say, there is no such thing as the best Chee Cheong Fun, only nice ones that are individually preferred by others.

I explored another old CCF called Madras Lane Chee Cheong Fun at Paramount Kopitiam in PJ, while I also have a special preference for this Ipoh Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun from SS2 morning market. These are just some of the hawkers I have been visiting.

*All photos were taken with a Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone.


Even though this is one of the oldest Chee Cheong Fun in Petaling Jaya, they still cater to a select group of customers, namely those from around the Sungai Way and SS1 areas.

Many other new places have mushroomed (excuse the pun); hence the younger consumers want more of a lifestyle concept. But still, some will remain coming back to these kinds of nostalgic stalls, people like me.

I trust you will one day take the opportunity to come and visit this place to try out this unique Chee Cheong Fun Mushroom Curry at Sungai Way, PJ.

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