Chulia Street Hawker Food
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Chulia Street Hawker Food

One of the not-so-crowded places in Penang to explore for foodies is the Chulia Street hawker food at night. While the lane is known as Carnarvon Street, most locals and tourists will still refer to this place as Chulia Street.

Over the years, Chulia Street has gained recognition as a lifestyle area. Back then, it was very popular among backpackers and budget travellers. Since the pandemic, travel has changed, and nowadays, more flashpackers and nomad travellers are returning here.

Chulia Street Hawker Food

I have personally been visiting Penang for more than 40 years and have seen this place develop into what it is today. One of the highlights in recent years is no other than food tourism, and Chulia Street, one of the lesser-known foodie areas, has gained some publicity.

In early 2024, I took some time to explore the local hawker scene around this part of Penang. As I was staying at 23 Love Lane, one of the recommended heritage hotels in Penang, the night hawker street was just a hundred metres from my hotel, and walking there was very convenient.

Below are random photos of the Chulia Street hawker food stalls, and additional information is in the captions of the pictures. Please also note that the food here is not Halal; therefore, it is unsuitable for Muslim travellers.

Oyster Omelette Penang
Oyster Omelette is highly popular at most food courts or centres in Penang.
Lor Bak Chulia Street
Lor Bak is another famous Penang street food to try.
Penang Duck Mean Koay Teow Th'ng
Koay Teow Th’ng with duck meat is a Penang speciality.
Wan Tan Mee Chulia Street
This is one of the well-known wan tan mee stalls here.
Chulia Street Wan Tan Mee
The wan tan mee at Chulia Street is nice but not my kind of taste.
Satay Chulia Street
Satay is also a very popular snack at street hawkers. Sometimes, you can find Chinese and Malay satay stalls.
Lok Lok Chulia Street
A fascinating dish called Lok Lok is a must-try when you are here. Some are very impressive, like the display of this stall.
Fried Kuey Teow Chulia Street
One of the many fried kuey teow sellers here. This is Penang’s number one dish, and on one street, you can sometimes find up to three or four hawkers selling fried koay teow.
Fried Koay Teow Chulia Street
I tried one of the fried koay teow, which was quite nice. It was made with large prawns and fried perfectly. There must be a little burnt effect (wok hei) to have a nice, good taste in this dish. Too wet or dry spoils the overall taste.
Hawker Food at Chulia Street
A customer takes away some hawker food from one of the sellers.
Apom Aunty Chulia Street
This stall is probably the last traditional and original Apom seller in Penang. I had to line up for about 20 minutes to buy her Apom.

For the record, Penang still charges slightly less for their hawker food than other capital cities around Malaysia, but some argue that the portions are too small. To me, small is perfect, so I can order different dishes and have more choices for my foodie experience.

As some of you may have had some hawker food experiences, let me assure you that Penang is, hands down, one of the best places in Malaysia to experience authentic street hawker food. Most sellers are local, which makes it genuine, unlike many lazy hawkers who employ foreigners and teach them how to cook.

For me, food must come from the passion of cooking and selling, not from selling for the sake of selling. This is why many hawkers are now getting lazy and hiring foreign workers, resulting in a drastic drop in food quality.

One crucial factor is that food is very subjective. Therefore, there is no best food around. Everyone has their taste when it comes to food. For me, I have been a hge fan of street food and hawker food for over 40 years, hence I tend ot seek some of the authentice or popular places. See my food review section for more.


Anyone visiting Penang has to try the local hawker food, which is available all over the island. However, there are some extremely popular places that are always crowded, especially on weekends. However, the Chulia Street hawker food is still not as crowded as other places.

I will be posting more articles on hawker food in Penang from time to time. Please follow my blog about local street food, especially in Malaysia. Meanwhile, remember to have a balance in your diet and everything else you do.

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