Borneo Music Festival 2022

2022 Borneo Music Festival

2022 Borneo Music Festival

Another massive music event is about to take place in Sarawak; this time, the Borneo Music Festival 2022 will be held at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong, Kuching. This is also the first time this genre’s music festival is happening here.

Initially, the Borneo Music Festival 2022 was supposed to happen on the 10-11 April 2020, but due to the Covid19 pandemic, the event was postponed to this year, which is now confirmed as 9-10 September 2022.

Borneo Music Festival 2022

Datuk Seri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah
Datuk Seri Abdul Karim at the Borneo Music Festival Live announcement in Kuching. Photo from The Star.

This first-of-its-kind outdoor music festival will unite world-renowned artists from six countries, uniting different music genres on one platform and providing a unique experience for today’s youth.

Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Abdul Karim also said that it shows that Sarawak is an ideal destination for music tourism in Malaysia and the region, whether it’s world music, jazz, country, or even popular music like dance, and these events were part of the ministry’s unremitting efforts to promote Sarawak’s diverse tourism offerings in culture, adventure, nature, food and festivals.

With a debut appearance in Sarawak, world-reknown musician Alan Walker has received diamond certification in Germany, and multi-platinum certifications in over ten countries, including the US and UK, for his ever-popular single “Faded” and has been continuously delivering thumping, melodic tunes with a string of hits and sold-out shows all over the world.

Borneo Music Festival Alan Walker
World-renown Alan Walker will perform at Borneo Music Festival 2022.

Crowned as one of South Korea’s hottest female DJs, DJ soda is no stranger to the scene. With millions of followers online, this international phenomenon known for her energetic, genre-blending live sets is sure to take the crowd on a high alongside her signature on-stage persona.

Local Malaysian DJs are also in the lineup, while Sarawak’s famous local band At Adau will also be one of the performing acts among the many other singers and bands.

Borneo Music Festival DJ Soda
DJ Soda from Korea will be one of the international acts at the Borneo Music Festival Live 2022.

Who is Performing at Borneo Music Festival 2022?

  • Alan Walker from the UK
  • DJ Soda from Korea
  • DJ Alexis Grace from Malaysia
  • DJ Ice Cream from Malaysia
  • DJ Chacha from Malaysia
  • DJ MYVAX from Malaysia
  • DJ Paul from Malaysia
  • Nicole Chen from Singapore
  • DJ X Factor from the Philippines
  • DJ Venom C and Moski Love from Indonesia
  • Rynn Lim
  • ThomasJack
  • Priscilla Abby
  • At Adau
  • Tuku’ Kame’
  • Buloh Berkocak

And for those who plan to extend their holiday here, I have also created a list of things to do around Santubong, which was meant for the Rainforest World Music Festival, but since the venue is the same, the list applies here.

Borneo Music Festival At Adau
At Adau will be one of the local bands at Borneo Music Festival 2022.

Borneo Music Festival 2022

  • Date: 9 & 10 September
  • Venue: Sarawak Cultural Village
  • Tickets: From RM400 for a 2-day pass
  • Buy Tickets

And for more information, you can also visit the official Borneo Music Festival Live 2022 Facebook Page.

This event is brought to you exclusively by Amazing Aurora Entertainment and organised by Firmament Event Studio in collaboration with More Entertainment; the first Borneo Music Festival Live 2022 is set to headline the local music and entertainment scene on 9th and 10th September 2022 at Sarawak Cultural Village.

Borneo Music Festival Live
The tickets for Borneo Music Festival Live.


For those interested in attending the Borneo Music Festival 2022, I suggest you start making your bookings for flights and accommodations in advance, as September is just around the corner.

Also, note that the event is happening at the Sarawak Cultural Village, an hour’s drive from Kuching. Therefore, you should plan ahead or just book your accommodation around Santubong.

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