Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Pre-Party Live Show Malaysia

Galaxy Unpacked Pre-Party Live Show Malaysia

Galaxy Unpacked Pre-Party Live Show Malaysia

If you are one of those who are ecstatic and can’t wait for the Galaxy Unpacked 2021 launch to take place, here is something that you can do before the main event.

Samsung Malaysia has organised a special Galaxy Unpacked 2021 pre-party live show in Malaysia, streaming live from the Samsung Malaysia YouTube Channel.

This pre-party virtual event will start at 9.00 on August 11 and be hosted by Jin and Alexis, two of the regular Samsung event hosts.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Pre-Party Live Show Malaysia

For those clueless about what Samsung will unveil this evening, this is your opportunity to join the pre-party virtual event, as it will be an awesome build-up to the main event.

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 pre-party live show will feature two main hosts: Jin and Alexis, who are also Samsung ambassadors in Malaysia.

And for this special virtual pre-party event, they will be joined by local Samsung Influencers like;

  • Alif Satar (@alifsatar)
  • Daiyan Trisha (@daiyantrisha)
  • Josephine Yap (@jyjosephine)
  • Marianne Tan (@mariannetpy)

And The DOLLA girls:

  • Sabronzo DOLLA (@sabronzo)
  • Angel DOLLA (@bbyqngel)
  • Tabby DOLLA (@tabbybabyyy)
  • Syasya DOLLA (@syasya.rzl)

What will all of them be talking about? Well, in general, they will be discussing their expectations of the next Galaxy with a bit of fun teasing sprinkled across.

Watch as they have amusing banter on-screen and hype us up for a series of games that they will ‘Unfold’ after and as they team up to battle against each other.

Also, they may even discuss how the main Samsung Galaxy Unpacked YouTube trailer has reached more than one million views as of early August 2021.

Jinnyboy Samsung Malaysia
Jin or Jinnyboy during one of the Samsung Malaysia launch events.

Where to View the Galaxy Unpacked August 2021 Event? 

There are several places where anyone can go and watch this event live, as long as you have an internet connection and sufficient internet data for streaming.

One tip is to use WiFi to stream this event, as it will be much smoother than using data. However, if you cannot connect to WiFi, make sure you use your YouTube application on your smartphone to stream the event.

This is because most telco companies offer unlimited data when using an app versus using the standard browser.

Catch the main event from the following channels below;

Special Viewer Bonus for Galaxy Unpacked August 2021

Those who register at the Samsung Malaysia Unpacked Website will be entitled to redeem an additional RM300 Samsung e-voucher which you can use after you pre-order the next Galaxy.


This is one of Samsung’s biggest events worldwide and is the talk of the gadget industry. For anyone wanting to find out more on how Samsung is moving forward in the world of smartphones and gadgets, catch the Galaxy Unpacked 2021 pre-party live show streamed here in Malaysia.

I love the Samsung events, and Galaxy Unpacked because it is not technical and straightforward to view as Samsung has made it simple for everyone. This also means that young people and older adults will view this and understand what they are talking about.

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