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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2021, What to Expect?

Malaysia Galaxy Unpacked August 2021 Samsung

How time flies, and it is officially the third quarter of the year where the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event will take place with live streaming in August 2021, and many are wondering what we can expect?

Usually, Samsung makes an amazing launch event with new releases of smartphones and their accessories; therefore, this August, expect two new foldable devices, two smartwatches, and a pair of new truly wireless earbuds.

And as usual, leaks are often so common, with many claiming they have the latest photos and information way before the Galaxy Unpacked event goes live. Anyway, I would wait for the main event and watch it online to find out the latest news.

Malaysia August 11 Samsung Galaxy Unpacked
Some of the products could be unveiled during Galaxy Unpacked 2021. Photo by

What to Expect at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked August 2021?

With so many rumours going around, you can expect two new foldable devices, two smartwatches, and upgraded truly wireless earbuds.

Galaxy Z Fold 3
Touted to take over the Note Series, the latest flagship phone will gain access to the Note’s formerly exclusive stylus features. The Fold will also get an optional case that holds Samsung’s S Pen stylus when you’re not using it.

Galaxy Z Flip 3
Claimed to offer a brand new exterior design with vertically stacked 12-megapixel rear cameras and a larger 1.9-inch cover display for notifications and selfie camera shots. Also coming in a series of four amazing colours for both him and her. It also has the original Z Flip 6.5-inch display but with a new 120Hz high refresh rate display.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
Rumours claim a more traditional watch shape and will come in two finishes, aluminium or stainless steel, which will be water-resistant in depths of up to 50 meters. A second Galaxy Watch 4 may also be launched, and both will run on Samsung and Google’s new co-developed Wear OS 3.

Galaxy Buds 2
Similar design, new and improved and expected to come in new colours and feature improved noise reduction abilities, possibly helped by silicone ear tips. Possibly an improved battery life too.

Malaysia Samsung Galaxy Note 1
I was probably one of the first few people to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 in Malaysia.

Who am I to review this?

I’m not your regular hard-core techie who post about everything and anything, but I am just a pioneer Samsung smartphone user from the early days. Yes, I started using the Galaxy Note 1 on launch day, back in October 2011. That’s an amazing 10 years of using Samsung for me!

Well, I’m no big-time influencer or KOL like many out there. Still, I had my fair share of transformation from analogue to digital back 10 years ago. I shared what I learned through my social circles and social media back then, minus Instagram and TikTok.

So you see, to me, I’ve started using smartphones when Apple first introduced the iPhone in June 2007 before changing over to Samsung in October 2011, and this is a massive experience that many will never understand. After 10 years of using  Samsung, I’ve grown attached to the brand and always look forward to their interesting models and technology for each Galaxy Unpacked event.

Therefore, this time around, the main focus will be on the folding smartphone series, which I could consider using. I use a Galaxy S10 Plus, namely for my work when I travel and for my food reviews and videos that I create.

Again, I’m not your regular hardcore influencer or KOL who lives in social media, but an average user with more than 10 years of smartphone experience. You can also look at some of my hands-on reviews of Galaxy smartphones that I have been using over the years.

Malaysia Galaxy Unpacked 2021 Event
Usually, the Galaxy Unpacked events will take place at a venue in Kuala Lumpur.

When is Galaxy Unpacked on August 2021 in Malaysia?

It takes place simultaneously worldwide, and in Malaysia, the event will take place on August 11, 2021, at 10:00 PM. The launch will be streamed from the official Samsung  YouTube account, or you can also register from the main Samsung website to view it from there.

More Information About Galaxy Unpacked August 2021

If you need accurate and precise information, I suggest getting it straight from the official Samsung website. Everyone and their friend will have their own personal view about the launch; therefore, it is always best to keep an open mind when reading some of the info.

Malaysia Galaxy Event Launch
The last Samsung Galaxy launch event was held in February 2020, just before Covid19 took over.


This article is an awareness article for anyone who is into smartphones and smartwatches and wants to know where and when the main event will occur. Some Malaysians are just excited about the entire Galaxy Unpacked August 2021 in Malaysia.

In normal cases, the main event would be at one of the leading hotels in Kuala Lumpur, as the last Samsung Galaxy event launch in Malaysia in early 2020 just before Covid 19 attacked in March and moved all events online.

Why? Because since the Covid19 Pandemic took over our lives in early 2020, many have been working from home and not travelling or spending unnecessarily; therefore, some may have extra funds to upgrade their smartphones or smartwatches.

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