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Lontong & Such

Lontong & Such

I have never been a huge fan of Lontong simply because it’s just so hard to find a good plate of authentic Lontong in PJ or KL area.

However, in recent years since the Covid19 pandemic, I have started to re-explore our local Malaysian food scene to try and re-discover some of the good old favourites that are difficult to find.

And to my surprise, I was introduced to Lontong and Such by a schoolmate who invited me to try this place located at SS9/3 in the Sungai Way area of Petaling Jaya or PJ.

Before you continue, this restaurant used to be located at SS3, and they have since moved to SS9 in Sungai Way since March of 2021.

Lontong and Such Review

Johor Lontong
The standard Lontong Jawa with sambal.

Over the years, a simple dish like Lontong has been neglected, and if you do come across one, it usually is poorly cooked to make money; hence the passion is lost in creating an authentic tasting dish.

Originating from Jawa in Indonesia, Lontong has been a highly popular dish in Johor, with many old school foodies remembering the original and authentic taste of this dish from back then.

Since the glory days, many traders or food businesses have lost the touch of creating the original taste, possibly due to several reasons, namely keeping the cost low or just having the ‘Tidak apa attitude’.

But one guy named Azlan kept to this tradition and adamantly maintained the quality of the Johor Lontong at his restaurant. This is relatively uncommon and even considered a rare gem in terms of food.

Lontong and Such PJ
The semi-indoor dining of the restaurant.

Again, let me remind you that in the last 20-30 years, the old taste of food has since been lost, and the new foodies over the previous ten years have not tasted the authenticity from back then.

Yes, several places can claim they are using the same recipe from back then, but the people cooking the dish can simply do it, or they may have just used shortcuts to cook.

Therefore, Lontong is quite simple but complex, especially the sambal, gravy (kuah), ingredients, and even the nasi impit. When you cut corners and use cheap ingredients, you start to lose the actual taste, which is happening nowadays.

Jawa Lontong
A bowl of Lontong Jawa without the sambal.

When you start to cut on the additional condiments or ingredients, you make the dish less enjoyable, ruining the overall taste.

Again, let me remind you that many, I repeat – many places nowadays cook sambal, namely for nasi lemak where it is too spicy with no taste or just too sweet. You know what I am talking about.

So, back to Lontong and Such – I take my hat off to Azlan because he has somehow maintained the original taste that was once desired by many and brought back memories of my early Batu Pahat days.

Trust me; once you have tried Lontong & Such, you should use this as a benchmark for Malaysian Lontong or Lontong Johor. Well, considering this is in the Klang Valley, I’m surprised that I could discover this old long lost taste.

As for the place’s ambience, the restaurant is located at a corner lot here, and you can sit inside or outdoors. Both are open-aired with fans cooling the area, which is quite cosy.

Parking may be a little tricky, but you need to be careful where you park around the housing area. Avoid parking at people’s houses or property; therefore, look around for a spot and walk if you need to.

Menu Lontong & Such
The main menu offers a variety of dishes.
Lontong Restaurant PJ
A close up of the Lontong choices is available.

Lontong  and Such Menu

While I came here one early morning for a local Lontong breakfast, I found that Azlan has also incorporated many other choices for food here. I was surprised to see a myriad of dishes being served.

From the regular Kopitiam servings of Nasi Lemak to an English Big Breakfast, I couldn’t help noticing  Soto and Nasi Ambeng included. All of this is the Southern Johor style of cooking too.

Lontong and Such Food Menu
The impressive menu.

When you order the Lontong Jawa, please look at their choices as they have plain, with sotong, with chicken, with paru and also dry or Lontong Kering. Prices start from RM6.50 to RM11.00.

If you are a huge Lontong fan, I recommend the Lontong Power with everything thrown in. The sambal here is spicy but tasty and full of ingredients.

Therefore, if you cannot handle it a little too spicy, I recommend asking the staff to put the sambal on the side when served. This way, you can add in what you like.

Lempeng Johor
The exciting Lempeng Kelapa dish I tired.

One of the desserts that caught my attention is the Lempeng Kelapa Mak Yah, which I assumed were pancakes, but more of a Malay Pancake.

This particular local dish is served with their fantastic sambal, and on the side, you can ask for a small plate of honey if you can’t take it spicy.

Prices are decent but expect to pay city-style cafe prices, and again, this is a boutique styled cafe-restaurant that serves speciality food.

Menu di Restoran Lontong and Such
The last page of the menu with Soto and drinks.

If you are a rice fan, go for the Nasi Ambeng Ajaib, which comes in half portions, standard, two persons or even a four-person portion at RM45.00.

But one dish I’m curious about is the English Big Breakfast, which is reasonably priced at RM11.00, and they throw in a piece of Roti Jala, which makes it so unique.

Where is Lontong and Such?

This hidden gem is found in the SS9 area, which few people know about. It is also located inside a small single-story housing area behind the Sungai Way market.

I will recommend using Waze or Google Maps to get here and take note that there are two Lontong and Such locations; the old one is at SS3 and no longer there as they moved to SS9.

Lontong & Such Address;
1, Jalan SS 9/3,
Sungai Way Free Trade Industrial Zone,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Opens Tuesday to Saturday: 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM
Closed: Sunday & Monday
Tel: 017 623 7813 (Azlan)
Facebook: Lontong & Such

Is Lontong & Such Halal? Yes, of course!

Address for Lontong and Such
Some information about the restaurant is on the menu.

Will I eat here again?

Hell yeah! I did not expect so much on the menu; hence, I need to come back again for the other stuff, maybe two or three trips to try the many other items available.

Writing this article makes me hungry, and I guess it will be sooner than expected that I visit Lontong and Such in PJ for another food adventure.

Do also check out my other food reviews in Malaysia as there are not many quality foodies around nowadays, all thanks to social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

3 thoughts on “Lontong and Such Review

  1. Awwww David, how kind of you to come up with this piece. Thanks so much.

    I was just fooling around on Google and stumbled on your review. After reading it, it not only motivates me even more, strengthens my resolve to continue doing what we do, and most importantly, it tells me that we have almost achieved our ultimate goal for Lontong & Such.

    Look forward to welcome you back to L&S bro. And FYI, we are planning to introduce more new goodies in the coming months, so do check us out ya.

    Take care buddy, you have certainly made my day man.

    1. Hi Azlan, you’re most welcome and highly deserve the credit for doing such passionate work in cooking this. Today I tried the Ambeng, and yes, as you said, there was a smaller portion available and that’s good to know. Next round I will try something new from your menu. Keep innovating and providing excellent service bro!

  2. Chef Azlan makes the nicest Lontong and Nasi Ambeng.
    I’m a regular. If you’re looking for a good western breakfast Lontong & Such is a place to go to.

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