Bee Trading Card Game Shop in Osaka
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Bee Trading Card Game Shop in Osaka

One of the newer and more well-known TCG stores is Bee Trading Card Game Shop in Osaka, which also has several outlets around the main cities of Japan. When I visited Osaka in August 2023, I accidentally encountered this card game shop, among others.

If you Google this name, there is not much information available, but I believe that Bee Honpo TCG Shop (Bee本舗 大阪本店) is relatively new in this game compared to some of the older TCG shops in Japan.

Bee Trading Card Game Shop in Osaka

Trading Card Game Shop Bee Osaka
The front of the smaller Bee shop in Osaka.

You should know that I am a former TCG player and mostly collector from the mid-90s to late 90s, and I stopped in early 2000. Therefore, some sort of attraction pulls me into this kind of card game store whenever I travel.

Because I was staying in the main Namba area of Osaka, I would pass this area almost daily to get to the main Namba train station. When I return before 8.00 PM, I would stop by and check out some of the cards for sale and what other items they have.

This article is random because I did not bring any of my TCG cards, as my visit to Osaka was purely for leisure. Now that I know, the next time, I will dip up my Pokemon first edition cards and MTG Unlimited cards and bring a few rares here to see if they give me a reasonable price.

I did speak to one of the staff, who spoke some basic English, and he told me that they would prefer Japanese print MTG and Pokemon rare cards, but they would like to see what rares I have as well.

Osaka Bee Card Shop
This is one of two Bee Card Shops in Osaka, just a few doors away from each other.
Osaka Bee Honpo
This is the more extensive Bee Card Shop in the Namba area of Osaka.
TCG Card Shop in Osaka
Inside the TCG shop.
Japan Trading Card Shop Bee
A more comprehensive view of the TCG shop in Osaka.
Trading Card Game Area in Osaka
The trading card game shops in the Namba area of Osaka.

Bee Trading Card Game Shop Osaka

  • Address: 2-1-18 Namba Naka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 556-0011
  • Weekdays: 12.00 PM to 8.00 PM
  • Weekends: 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM
  • Website: Bee Honpo
  • Language: very little English; some of the younger staff may speak a little

You can also read about my other TCG shop review for Girafull Trading Card Game Shop in Osaka, which is massive and the largest in the city. If you are visiting Malaysia in Southeast Asia, you can check out this article on card game shops in PJ and KL, which are in the surroundings of Kuala Lumpur or KL.


If you are a hard-core TCG player or collector, don’t forget to visit the Bee Trading Card Game Shop in Osaka when you come here. This is just one of many different TCG stores in Osaka, and you can easily spend a few days visiting all of them.

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