The Killers Live in Malaysia MyTeksi Service

The Killers live in Malaysia 2013

The Killers live in Malaysia 2013

The Killers Live in Malaysia MyTeksi Service

The Killers are coming to Malaysia! They are gracing the stage in Sepang with their new album Battle Born. Along with the concert, MyTeksi is at it again, providing a safe and secure ride home. In two months, MyTeksi has secured rides for Good Vibes, We Love Asia and plans to partner with Arthur’s Day.

Despite being fresh in the business, MyTeksi is making its mark at Malaysia’s biggest events. Their services facilitate the ultimate concert festival experience, removing the hassle of designated drivers and parking. But more than that, in partnering with events, MyTeksi is making itself part of Malaysia’s young new cultural fabric.

For The Killers, MyTeksi offers RM20 cash-back for all taxi rides booked via the MyTeksi app to the event (anywhere from Klang Valley, Cyberjaya, and Putrajaya only). MyTeksi strives to offer users the ability to enjoy a hassle-free concert with seamless transportation to and from the event.

However, what might be seamless to your everyday concert goer is hard work and planning for MyTeksi. Prepared to serve not just the passengers but also their drivers, MyTeksi pulls out all the stops.

In addition to serving their passengers, MyTeksi also values their drivers by making sure they have dinner and a place of their own. Events for MyTeksi are not about business; they’re about people.

“Malaysia’s big events are what MyTeksi was made for,” says MyTeksi’s Regional Marketing Head, Cheryl Goh. With rave reviews, MyTeksi is excited to participate with The Killers. This isn’t MyTeksi’s first rodeo, and they’re ready to take the astronomical turn out now that they’re seasoned with experience.

Cheryl adds, “For us, this is more than a business; it’s a social enterprise. We come to these events to show that we’re providing safe public transportation AND show our taxi drivers that we appreciate them. We’re not just here to bus people around, but to make them aware of our service and innovation.”

Also, they’re giving out free ice cream! Yes, free. Anyone with the MyTeksi app is free to collect on some sweet Artisan Potong Pops. At every event so far, MyTeksi has been helping passengers satisfy their sweet tooth and get home with fuller stomachs. Music events are a place to enjoy the nightlife.


MyTeksi is putting taxis where and when you need them. Though simple, it is innovation at work. As a young start-up, it’s doing two important things: answering a problem, most Malaysians have had with getting a taxi and tapping into Malaysian youth to start a change.

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