Samsung Rollable Phone in Malaysia

Malaysia Galaxy Rollable Phone

Malaysia Galaxy Rollable Phone

I am sure that some of you reading this may have heard about the new Samsung Rollable Phone, which has been in the rumour mill for a couple of years now.

And in the latest rumour, many assumed that the codename Samsung Galaxy Diamond, which was supposed to be launched late in 2022, was, in fact, the Galaxy Rollable phone.

But then again, these are all rumours as the phone manufacturer themselves have not officially announced it; hence will we see the Samsung Rollable Phone in Malaysia in 2022 or 2023?

Samsung Rollable Phone in Malaysia

However, the rumour was debunked, and the Galaxy Diamond of N4 was actually the codename for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23, set to be launched in 2023.

You may or may not have seen videos of the rollable phones in the last couple of years since the news came out, but the quirky technology allows the phone screen to be unrolled into a larger screen.

And in Malaysia, we will only be able to catch this through the Samsung Unpacked live stream event when the Galaxy Rollable is launched or announced. So don’t expect it until a later date.

Galaxy Rollable Design
The rollable phone design from Lets Go Digital.

So, what is the Samsung Rollable Phone, and will we see it in Malaysia?

Many speculators, leakers and tech experts claim that it is a unique design where the user can pull the screen out into a larger screen, just like unfolding the current Galaxy Fold phones.

But there are still many questions out there like what, how, when and so on. And due to the sudden growth of tech websites, blogs, influencers, YouTubers and so on, we will be seeing a lot of uncertain or unverified news in the coming months.

Rollable smartphones have a hidden screen that can be pulled out when needed and enables a larger screen real-estate in a smaller device.

Rollable Phone Patent Samsung
Samsung’s Rollable Phone patent. Photo by Let’s Go Digital.

If you want to get more technical, read this article about the Samsung rollable phone design by Android Headlines, as they have quite a bit of info.

And the images of the rollable and patent first appeared on Lets Go Digital, a German smartphone and tech website.

Sliding Phone Malaysia
A render of the Rollable or Sliding Phone by Let’s Go Digital.


As you should also know, in the last few years, Samsung has patented several rollable smartphone designs, too, while the company even showcased a concept device at CES 2022 earlier this year.

With this approach, Samsung may assume that the general consumer market is ready for the Galaxy Rollable Phone, and we should wait for the official announcement by August 2022.

Will we see the Samsung Rollable Phone in Malaysia in 2022? I am not so sure, but who knows what can happen from now till August? We shall see.

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