R1 Rabbit in Malaysia
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R1 Rabbit in Malaysia

Malaysia R1 Rabbit

I am sure many tech people have already heard about one of the most unique AI-powered gadgets launching this Easter 2024. With all the hype going on, I can almost guarantee that we will see the much-talked-about R1 Rabbit in Malaysia sooner or later.

If you are reading this and still do not know what the R1 Rabbit is, then you should read the rest of this article, as I will share some layman’s information about one of the game-changing handheld devices for 2024.

R1 Rabbit in Malaysia

First of all, this is not an AI-powered smartphone; the R1 Rabbit is a cutting-edge AI-powered gadget that fits into your pocket or handbag. This game-changing device will have every tech-head out there wanting to own one at a ridiculous price of only around RM950.00 (US199.00).

What is Rabbit? It is an AI start-up company founded by Jesse Lyu in America, and he states that he does not want to replace your smartphone now but wants people to figure out that smartphones seem to take very long to get a task done using AI.

But his R1 Rabbit cuts through all the apps and time to give users quick results, often within 1-3 seconds. This simply means that you do not need to spend time jumping from app to app and then having to finalise what you want to do.

Rabbit R1 Malaysia
The back screen

While it looks like an orange Galaxy Flip, it is actually a standalone gadget about half the size of an iPhone with a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a rotating camera for taking photos and videos, and a scroll wheel/button you press to navigate around or talk to the device’s built-in assistant.

A 2.3GHz MediaTek processor drives the R1 Rabbit and comes with 4GB of memory and 128GB of storage, all inside a rounded body designed in collaboration with the design firm Teenage Engineering. There are no prizes for why they used that. So, uncles and aunties, I know you also want one, but there is no design for that category.

It is powered by Rabbit OS, which can control your music, order a car, buy groceries, send messages, and more through a single interface. No balancing apps and logins — just ask for what you want and let the device deliver. The R1’s on-screen interface will be a series of category-based cards for music, transportation or video chats.

Rabbit is, by contrast, more like a super app — a single interface through which you can do almost anything. What ChatGPT could be to web search, Rabbit OS could be to the app store.

Watch the R1 Rabbit Video

To learn more about this incredible next-generation AI device, you should check out the R1 Rabbit video, where Jesse talks about this cute little orange toy-like gadget. It’s quite informational and easy to understand.


The question remains: will Malaysians ever get to see or even own the R1 Rabbit? It’s still questionable as the company has already sold out its 10,000 initial pre-order units in the US alone. Now, they are taking pre-orders for this coming Spring.

Will we see the R1 Rabbit in Malaysia? I don’t know, but I can almost guarantee that third-party sellers at Low Yat or Digital Mall will most likely have one or two units for sale and expect to pay over RM1,200.

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