Galaxy S21 128GB Model in Malaysia
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Galaxy S21 128GB Model in Malaysia

Samsung Malaysia Electronics has released an additional internal storage capacity to the flagship Galaxy S21 series with a 128GB variant for those who need less storage.

Over the years, Samsung has noticed that different types of consumers have varied user needs, and not everyone requires a lot of storage on their smartphones.

Galaxy S21 128GB Model in Malaysia

The 128GB of storage on the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is more than enough for most users to download heaps of important documents or apps, store thousands of high-quality pictures, but still leave you plenty of room for offline movies, gaming and many more.

Retail price for all the S21 models
The current retail price for all the S21 models

Made available at a better affordable option, the Galaxy S21 series 128GB boasts cutting-edge camera technology for high-quality photos and videos, an intelligent display, a mighty processor and large battery performance to make your everyday epic.


The new variants are now available at Samsung Experience Stores, Samsung Authorised Partners and Samsung Malaysia Online Store; the 128GB comes in all three Galaxy S21 models, retailing at RM3,499 & RM4,999.

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