Galaxy A03 A Powerful and Affordable Smartphone

Malaysia Galaxy A03

Malaysia Galaxy A03

Compared to years ago, the price for a mobile device these days can get pretty high and consumers are expected to splurge if they’re looking for high-quality mobile devices.

A high price does not guarantee high quality or satisfaction with any other items, but Samsung’s Galaxy A models deliver excellent qualities at a fantastic price range with the Galaxy A03.

Galaxy A03 A Powerful and Affordable Smartphone

Since smartphones are used all day to navigate between tasks, it is essential that your device can match and survive long hours of use.

Some of the highlights of the Galaxy A03 are;

  1. With a 5,000mAh battery, you can now worry less and go about your day with much ease. Besides longevity of usage, overall performance matters too.
  2. With a 3GB or 4GB RAM and the new Octa-Core processor doing the most for you, having a “slow device” will be the least of your worries.
  3. The Galaxy A03 also has a dual rear camera setup, a 48MP F1.8 primary camera and a 2MP F2.4 depth camera. Taking or recording sharp, clear shots both day and night is no longer a pain. Who says you can’t have excellent features at an affordable price point?
  4. This device also comes in three classic colours – Black, Blue, Red – that will suit any occasion and outfit you’re pulling off.
  5. For 3GB RAM with 32GB internal storage, this device’s retail recommended price is RM469 and RM549 for 4GB RAM with 64GB internal storage.
Malaysia Galaxy A03
The powerful and yet affordable Samsung Galaxy A03.


You can also trade-in your old device or take advantage of the Easy Payment Plan that lets you pay with 0% interest to save even more.

Please visit the official Samsung website to learn more about the Galaxy A03 affordable and powerful smartphone.

You can also view my other Samsung articles and reviews that I have done over the years, as I genuinely enjoy using them, especially for smartphone photography.

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