Galaxy Ring in Malaysia

Malaysia Galaxy Ring

Galaxy Ring in Malaysia

Yes, you heard it already on the news, and now you cannot wait to see and try the Galaxy Ring in Malaysia when it is available. The Samsung wearable has already been showcased at MWC2024 or Mobile World Congress in February and has created a lot of chatter about the tech with just one ring.

The bad news is that Malaysia will not see it as soon at other premier countries, as always, therefore, we can expect it a little later. But I would be surprised if it were simultaneously launched, and we in Malaysia would have the opportunity to own one on the official collection day without having to wait.

So far, Samsung has not revealed much about the Galaxy Ring, and according to many leaks and sources, we are possibly looking at health tracking, which will be the ring’s primary purpose, following the lead of other smart rings that are already on sale in the market.

Galaxy Ring Launch 2024
A snippet from the official Samsung Galaxy Ring sneak preview during the recent Galaxy Unpacked.

News also states that the wearable smart ring is currently in the prototype production stage, with mass production anticipated to begin in the second quarter of 2024, which means that it will most likely be launched in Q3, which is in July.

One Samsung Research team member described the ring as a “powerful and accessible health and wellness device.” Therefore, this will definitely be the ring of rings in today’s lifestyle. Samsung’s general approach to health tracking comes down to four main areas of focus: activity, nutrition, sleep and stress.

A recent report from Korean news outlet ETNews suggests the Galaxy Ring could have ECG monitoring and tools for measuring blood flow. And while health tracking is expected to be the ring’s main focus, ETNews also says it could include support for wireless payments and the ability to control other devices.

And one shocking rumour is that the Galaxy Ring will only be for Android for now, as there are no immediate plans for other OS. And just so you know, this is not the first smart ring in the market as there have been other brands like the Oura Ring, Evie Ring, Circular Ring, RingConn, Ultrahuman, Fitiger Ring, Gloring Ring, and McLear Ring. So, there have been quite a few in the market now.

Malaysia Galaxy Ring Colours.
The speculated safe colours the ring will come in are gold, silver and dark grey.

Colours of the Galaxy Ring

During the prototype showcase after the last Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, the Galaxy Ring was displayed in three colours – Silver, Dark Grey (or Ceramic Black) and Gold, which suits just about anyone, young or old.

Galaxy Ring Sizes

Around eight or nine sizes will be available for the Galaxy Ring, and battery sizes may vary based on the ring sizes. Larger ring sizes will have a longer battery life (21.5 mAh) than smaller ones (14.5 mAh). I am unsure if there will be smaller ring sizes for children, but who knows?

Galaxy Ring Battery Life

This is probably the best function, as the Galaxy Ring is rumoured to last up to seven days on one single charge. Other smart ring brands already have this technology; therefore, it is no surprise anymore. This is truly awesome for one week of wearing it without having to charge it.

Galaxy Ring Price in Malaysia

While this is quite subjective, there have been a lot of guesses based on other smart ring models out there, and converted from US Dollars; the ring may be priced around RM1,200 to RM1,600. Again, the price is just estimated, but I won’t be surprised if it falls around that price zone.

Galaxy Ring Gold
A 3D render of the Gold Galaxy Ring.
Samsung Smart Ring
Layers of a smart ring that will change how we see fitness and health.
Galaxy Ring
Screengrab from the sneak peek of the Galaxy Ring during the end of Galaxy Unpacked 2024.


Given that nowadays, everyone wants to be a tech writer or a tech news leaker, there will surely be a lot of rumour news in the coming months. Everyone seems to want to be the first to leak or share any news they get. It is mostly leaked on X (formerly Twitter), then published on tech articles with shared sources.

I used to be a smartphone reviewer 10-12 years ago, but I decided to let go in 2020 and enjoy reviewing other things due to everyone wanting a piece of the cake in the last five years. Now, I review what I use or plan to use, as the competition is totally unbelievable.

As for now, alot of spculation and rumours are flying around, therefore, it would be best to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Ring to be announced, and what better a time than the coming Galaxy Unpacked July 2024 event which is going to be held in Paris, France.

And for new on the Galaxy Ring in Malaysia, we can slowly wait and see what materialises from the Samsung headquarters. They could launch worldwide with pre-orders for the Galaxy Ring for everyone. So, right now, it is a wait-and-see game, plus you know you want one, so it will be a massive win for Samsung. I know I will be getting one.

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