Street Art Photos in Melaka with Samsung Galaxy
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Street Art Photos in Melaka with Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Melaka Street Art Photos

I have been visiting the historical city of Malacca several times in 2022 and visited many popular locations to explore street art photos in Melaka with Samsung Galaxy. This is also one of my street photography projects in Malaysia using a smartphone.

Melaka, as most of you know, is home to Malaysia’s historical beginnings dating back to the 15th century and one of two UNESCO World Heritage Cities of Malaysia. Therefore, I only want to feature some beautiful street art and murals found here.

Street Art Photos in Melaka with Samsung Galaxy

My fascination with smartphone photography goes way back to the days of the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 when it was launched in 2011, and that is only a short time but a long one for smartphone users.

Most smartphone photographers only got into this genre in the last five years, from 2017 to 2022. Still, I have been exploring smartphone photography in Malaysia since the iPhone 1 in July 2007, one month after it launched in the USA. In total, I would say that I have 15 years of experience in this field, but I’m not a pro, just a casual user.

My fascination has taken me worldwide for my smartphone photography, to incredible places like Dubai, Qatar, Japan, West Papua, Komodo Islands, Thailand and many other locations.

Since the Covid 19 pandemic, I decided to focus on smartphone photography around Malaysia; here is my street art series taken in Melaka. Note that the photos are from a Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S21 Ultra or Galaxy S22 Ultra, which I currently use in 2022/2023.

Hang Tuah Mural Art Melaka
A beautiful mural of Hang Tuah in Melaka.
Street Art in Melaka
Beautiful art by the Melaka Riverside.
Melaka Street Art Murals
One of the alleys with vibrant street art.
Street Mural Art Melaka
Some of the simple street art around the Jonker area of Melaka.
Art Murals at Jonker Street
One of the beautiful Chinese art murals along Jonker Street’s lanes.
Street Art Mural at Jonker Walk Melaka
One of the lanes with a simple art mural.
Street Art Murals along Melaka River
You get to see several street art murals along the Melaka River.
Street Art Photo in Melaka
One of the most exciting street art.
Sam Fu Mimosa Restaurant Melaka
The old bus mural at Mimosa Sam Fu Restaurant.
Melaka Street River Art.
Street art along the Melaka River.
Jonker Street Tang House Art
The beautiful mural at Tang House.

All the street art photos above are taken with a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra.


If this excites you, please check out the other smartphone photography articles I have done over the years. And you can be sure I will share more photos in 2023 as the Galaxy S23 will be launched in February this year.

You can also see this other article on 10 places to see street art in Malaysia, which I did in 2015, highlighting some of the most fantastic street art back then. Some of the art is still around, and if you visit those places, you may be able to photograph them.

I hope you enjoyed this series of street art photos in Melaka with Samsung Galaxy, as it is one way of showcasing what the camera is capable of without the hassle of lugging a DSLR or mirrorless camera around.

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