Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV Launch in Malaysia

Launch of Samsung QLED 8k TV 2022 Malaysia

Launch of Samsung QLED 8k TV 2022 Malaysia

Samsung televisions have been impressing consumers with cutting-edge technology, which keeps getting better every year.

For those planning to upgrade or get a new smart TV, you will be pleased to know that the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV launch in Malaysia takes place on the 7th of June.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV Launch in Malaysia

In the last two years, many people have been glued to their smartphone or laptop screens, and somehow, since we are in an endemic stage of Covid 19, things are slowly getting back to normal.

With that, many people have become dependent and adjusted to our devices’ high-definition screens, and looking at older generation TV screens is a letdown.

But fear not, as technology has been moving so fast that Smart TVs are now on par with devices, and some of them may even impress you.

Samsung QLED 8k TV 2022 Malaysia QLED 8k TV 2022 Malaysia

What are we expecting at the Neo QLED 8K TV Launch?

There will be updates on the 2022 model compared to 2021, highlighting dual-usage, work and leisure.

Several functions, like multi-view, which allows a 4-in-1 screen, can be configured to your liking and supports Android or iOS smartphones.

Explore the SmartThings function, a smart home butler in your TV that connects and monitors other devices for you.

Picture Quality Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV 2022
Picture quality comparison for the new 8K TV.

Picture Quality for Neo QLED 8K TV 2022

For picture quality, the Quantum Matrix Technology Pro will deliver a massive reduction in picture blooming thanks to innovatively tiny Quantum Mini LEDs that precisely control light to boost deep black performance.

This is followed by the Exquisite AI-powered 8K picture with the Neural Quantum Processor 8K, which adds immense depth and sharpness to your content.

The Quantum HDR 64x technology also captures the subtlest details in bright and dark areas to manifest true HDR 10+ picture quality precisely as the director intended.

And the nano-sized Quantum Dots let you see 100% Color Volume in everything you watch, so you don’t miss any colour at any brightness level.

Samsung Space Fit Sound
Space Fit Sound for the 8K TV.

Sound Quality for Neo QLED 8K TV 2022

For those who love a good sounding system, you can enjoy the ultimate cinematic sound experience at your home with Dolby Atmos®. It draws you inside the sound in a new spatial way, revealing every detail with unparalleled clarity and depth.

Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro) moves with the action whichever way it goes, so you can immerse yourself deeper into every detail of sound – from all corners of the TV.

SpaceFit Sound is where you can enjoy perfect sound regardless of where and how you place your TV. SpaceFit sound technology analyzes the room environment and then auto-calibrates TV sound to optimal settings. Simply turn the TV on, and let SpaceFit Sound do the rest.

Design Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV 2022
The design for the 2022 Neo QLED TV.

Design for Neo QLED 8K TV 2022

The Infinity Screen and Infinity One Design is something that caught my eye, where an ultra-slim frame has been crafted to remove distractions for complete immersion—themed as absolute beauty found in minimalism.

You can now go clutter-free with an even slimmer Attachable One Connect box which is easy to tuck away on the back of the TV or place neatly to the side.

Neo QLED 8K TV Auto-rotating Stand
The auto-rotating stand for the 8K TV.

Accessories for Neo QLED 8K TV 2022

This one is an exciting area to explore as innovation has brought many changes in the last two years since the world was in a pandemic stage.

The SolarCell Remote is also something exciting to explore. You can now say goodbye to disposable batteries with the eco-friendly SolarCell Remote that can be charged with sunlight and indoor lights. This single remote is all you need to control all compatible devices and contents.

The impressive Auto-Rotating Stand & Wall Mount will allow you to rotate your TV – horizontally or vertically – to enjoy your content however you like. Choose either the Auto-Rotating Stand or the Auto-Rotating Wall Mount, depending on what best fits your space.

The Slim Fit Cam is the perfect webcam for your TV, where it magnetically attaches to your TV that’s mounted to the wall, so it doesn’t interfere with viewing or compromise the TV’s design.


The Neo QLED 8K TV was also featured in the 2022 Media Forum Seminar, which was hosted by Samsung Electronics this April and May 2022.

Please visit the official Samsung Malaysia website about the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV launch in Malaysia for more information.

The official launch takes place on the 7th of June 2022, and more information will be announced, such as the price of the TV and so on.

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