Mee Jawa in Damansara Kim

Wan Shoon Mee Jawa

Wan Shoon Mee Jawa

After hearing about this Mee Jawa in Damansara Kim when they 1st opened at Wan Shoon Kopitiam, I thought this would be another place where I could get my fix for this complicated dish. However, the experience turned out differently as it was just ok-only.

While there are few places where you can find a good bowl of Mee Jawa in Petaling Jaya, my hunt is always on wherever I am out looking for lunch and when I have the luxury of going a little further from my comfort zone.

Mee Jawa in Damansara Kim

When this place first opened in 2021, just after the Covid-19 pandemic, a Malay Mail (MM) reporter came over and did a review, claiming that it was an awesome Mee Jawa stall. Because of that review, the place exploded with customers, namely those over 50s, who have a newfound habit of sharing everything on Whatsapp.

Damansara Kim Penang Mee Jawa Long Line
The incredibly long line when the mee jawa stall first opened here.

So, when the Mee Jawa stall in Damansara Kim opened, it was located inside the main coffee shop and at the back, against the wall. There was an incredibly long line of customers that snaked around the coffee shop tables, making some customers uncomfortable.

Well, here’s the setback – that person from the Malay Mail who reviewed this mee jawa stall probably has very little experience trying different styles of mee jawa from North to South. Hence, this stall got super popular just because it appeared in the MM.

PJ KL Best Jawa Mee
The viral Mee Jawa from Wan Shoon Kopitiam.

So, here is my experience trying it after two times – once when it just got viral in 2021 and the second time when the fad had died down. I sometimes give the sellers a second chance to see the dish’s consistency.

While the finished product looks very inviting and well-dressed, there is no potato in the gravy, and it’s a little over spicy. Lime is already squeezed in unless you inform them when you order. So the overall gravy was sour and a little spicy, maybe for some. But it’s still tomato-based and very northern style, lacking a slight sweetness.

The crackers are very nice, that much I can agree, as it is not your regular cheap crackers that many places use. One bowl was RM7.50 with no sotong (squid). To add,sotong is an additional RM3.00; this was the price in early 2022 before all the increases in materials.

Penang Mee Jawa Damansara
A closer picture of the Mee Jawa dish.
PJ Good Mee Jawa
A shot of the condiments is placed on top before serving.
Damansara Kim Mee Jawa Penang
The Mee Jawa with condiments and the savoury keropok.
Keropok Prawn Crackers Mee Jawa
A close-up of the interesting Keropok used.

Again, this can be very subjective because many people’s taste buds have ‘lari‘ over the years. Lari means the taste bud has run. Most people just eat popular hawker food because it appeared on Facebook or went viral on some social platform.

The true foodies will have very subjective and totally different views. Also, if you just became a foodie in the last ten years. Then that’s another story. So as I mentioned, it’s very, very subjective nowadays.

I did get opinions from some senior foodies (in their 60s), who are from Penang, and I asked their opinion about this mee jawa at Wan Shoon Kopitiam. Their feedback was very neutral, as they mentioned that there was really nothing to shout about. It’s just normal, like how I tasted it.

Google Map Location for Restoran Wan Shoon

Penang Mee Jawa in PJ

  • Where: Restoran Wan Shoon Kopitiam
  • Address: 47, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim,
    47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Open: 8.00 AM to 2.30 PM
  • Closed: Every Wednesday
  • Price: Around RM8.50+
  • GPS: 3.135504, 101.627173
  • Tel: +603 7499 7188
Wan Shoon Penang Prawn Mee
The main dish is his Penang Prawn Mee.
Prawn Noodle Damansara Kim
He sells both Penang Prawn Noodles and Mee Jawa.
Wan Shoon Kopitiam
Wan Shoon Kopitiam from outside.
Restoran Wan Shoon
Inside the coffee shop in Damansara Kim.

Final Verdict

I have to say that it’s just ok-only, and if you have been craving for a northern-styled Mee Jawa, this is probably one to try. I won’t say it’s good or bad, but it’s slightly different, possibly because Mr Fang (owner) is from Seberang, the mainland, but everyone uses the keyword Penang.

So, comparing the Mee Jawa from Penang Island to the mainland in Butterworth, Seberang  Prai, and even Kedah differs from area to area. So, I am assuming this is very Seberang-style mee jawa. If you have time, try it before the lunch hour.

Mee Jawa Damansara Kim
What the stall looks like.


I recommend you try this mee jawa because it is hard to find mee jawa around Petaling Jaya nowadays. But don’t say this is the best or the most awesome mee jawa you have had unless it is your first time eating this in your life.
Also, I think more people come here mainly to eat his Penang Prawn Mee as it seems to be ordered a lot from regular customers visiting Wah Shoon Kopitiam. Perhaps I will give that a try on my next visit here.
Anyway, due to so many changes in everyone’s lifestyle and tastebuds over the last few decades, there is no longer any more ‘best food’ around. Everyone is their own judge and jury; therefore, this review of the Mee Jawa in Damansara Kim was just made to share the reality of today’s PJ people.

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