Livin’ La Vida Ultra with Galaxy S22 Ultra
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Livin’ La Vida Ultra with Galaxy S22 Ultra

Galaxy S22 Ultra Living La Vida Ultra
You are the generation to win this ultra-powered, ultra-connected and ultra-extraordinary moment in time, Generation Z. Your senses have never been sharper, your ambitions never higher, imaginations never more limitless after meeting the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Put one into your hands – you will never be the same.

The ultimate ‘It’ phone that upgrades better with each generation, the anticipation of the new era of Galaxy innovation that’s coming has intensified to a fever pitch. Tune in to Samsung’s Unpacked event on 2 February, 2:00 AM Malaysian Time, for the first glimpse of something Epic.

Livin’ La Vida Ultra with Galaxy S22 Ultra

And now, a look at why the Galaxy S22 Ultra is all we want in life and living proof of why we’re excited for what’s next.

Malaysia Galaxy S22 Ultra
The incredible camera system.

Yes, We See

Gen Z is the generation with a vision of what the world could be. With Samsung’s Nightography, you’ve shown the world the beauty that was once hidden in the dark. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has an incredible range of camera modes that are perfect for every occasion, but when it comes to taking epic shots at night or in low light conditions, you have everything you need in Night Mode.

Night Mode lets you take vivid, highly optimised photos and videos, even in the dark. No more blurry, noisy imaging. The pictures look sharp due to the innovative AI multi-frame processing, which combines 30 images into just one epic shot, optimising colour and detail in every pixel.

Yes, We Share

Sharing is caring, so the saying goes. It is a value you take completely to heart, and our digital lives have become all the more beautiful because of you. Through Samsung’s collaboration with some of the world’s biggest social media platforms, you’ve leveraged the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s native camera apps like AI Autofocus, Night Mode, Portrait Video, and Super HDR to share the best photos and videos directly with friends and followers on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. No other smartphone does it quite like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but more importantly, no other person shares their view of the world better than you do.

Yes, We Care

You’re aware, and you care. Environmental issues and sustainability practices are essential to Gen MZ, so you decide to live each day as a responsible consumer. The Galaxy S22 Series is the most eco-conscious line of devices in Samsung’s line-up of Galaxy S series smartphones. Each smartphone case is designed with UL-certified, eco-conscious materials like recycled post-consumer plastics or bio-based substances.

Samsung utilises ocean-bound plastic transformed into high-performance polyamide resins into critical components of the Galaxy S22 Series’ key bracket and inner cover of the S Pen. The Galaxy S22 series marks another step in Samsung’s sustainability journey under Galaxy for the Planet, which aims to unleash the company’s scale, innovation and spirit of open collaboration to deliver tangible climate actions across the MX Business and enable Galaxy users to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. This includes increasing its use of recycled materials, reducing standby power, eliminating single-use plastic from packaging and diverting all waste from landfills by 2025.

Yes, We Are

Diversity isn’t just the spice of life; it makes this world wonderful. You have so much freedom to choose that the updated One UI 5 empowers you to exercise that right with your phone. The One UI 5 upgrade brings even more customisation capabilities to your mobile experience beyond just changing the look and feels of your phone (which is fun for you, of course).

More importantly, it ensures that your Galaxy S22 Ultra is every bit as multi-dimensional as you are, whether gaming, partying, working or relaxing. Bixby Routines uses machine intelligence to learn your usage patterns and preferences. It can then use this to adjust settings automatically, control apps, optimise the battery, and much more.

Your Galaxy S22 Ultra isn’t just the ultimate smartphone for you; it IS who you are, livin’ la vida Ultra.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Malaysia
Livin’ la Vida Ultra.

Conclusion to Livin’ La Vida Ultra with Galaxy S22 Ultra

You can visit the official Samsung website for the Galaxy S22 Ultra in Malaysia for more information on this. And for those curious about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023, you can stream it live on Samsung Malaysia YouTube, Samsung Malaysia Official Website, Samsung Malaysia Facebook and Samsung Malaysia Newsroom.

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