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Kampung 8 Corner Duck Noodles

Kampung 8 Corner Duck Noodles

One of the not-so-crowded or well-known places to explore for something local is the Kampung 8 Corner duck noodles restaurant, which has served the locals here in this part of Melaka for many years.

The restaurant is simple and straightforward, with about ten tables for four to six people each. It is also located in the Kampung 8 area of Melaka, which is out of the core city and in a nice and quiet place.

I have been eating here for almost ten years now, and every year, when I return before Chinese New Year, I will visit here to eat the Hee Kiau Mee (Yee Kiau Mee) while my wife goes for the duck noodles.

The menu is very simple and offers a few dishes like Nyonya Laksa, noodles and rice dishes. But the braised duck is the star here, as many locals will come here to have this. Personally, I am not a duck fan, but knowing they have other interesting dishes compensates for not having the duck.

According to my wife, the Kampung 8 duck noodles are truly one of the best in Melaka, without trying too hard. This means you won’t find Singaporeans or the local Malaysian foodie travellers packing this place like in Jonker Walk.

While not many people read my blog, I assume those who genuinely enjoy some old good food will find this article and possibly go there and try it. Again, I have a very old taste in my palate, meaning I have been eating hawker food for over 40 years, tasting some of the best around Malaysia.

This means that food is very subjective, and my taste compares to those foods from the 80s to 2000, when they were prepared with passion and quality, unlike nowadays, where many do it for the money.

You can also read the article I wrote about Yee Kiau Mee in Melaka 13 years ago. Some people also call this Yee Kiau Mee, which is only well-known here and not in other states around Malaysia.

Below are some random photos of the Kampung 8 Corner duck noodles restaurant and other dishes like Hee Kiau Noodles and Kaya Toast.

Melaka Duck Noodle Restaurant
Inside the Kg 8 Corner restaurant.
The restaurant menu shows some interesting choices.
More choices for noodle lovers.
The duck noodles.
Another large portion of duck noodles at Kg 8 Corner.
The Yee Kiau Mee comes with fishball soup.
Hee Kiau Mee is my favourite dish when I come here.
The restaurant also serves Kaya Butter Toast Bread for those who want something light.
Some items are not on the menu, but you need to ask them if it is available.
The restaurant’s business hours.

Where is Kampung 8 Corner Duck Noodles?


You should read my article about how food is subjective, as nowadays, it is tough to tell if a dish or place is good because social media has made it complicated. You know, when a hundred people like a post, then most people assume it’s automatically good.

This is something that has created a lot of confusion about many places, where likes tend to determine how the food is. It should not be the way, but society has changed over the last ten years, thanks to social media platforms and some food channels that run sponsored posts to get lots of likes and comments, automatically giving others an assumed perception.

Well, you be the judge, as I am no food guru. It’s just that my taste buds differ vastly from those coming from TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook. If you visit Melaka, take some time to try the Kampung 8 Corner duck noodles; who knows, it could be your new favourite.

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