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Good Vibes Festival Partners with My Teksi Malaysia

My Teksi Good Vibes

Good Vibes Festival Partners with My Teksi Malaysia

With its first-ever Good Vibes Festival 2013, Future Sound Asia is making an impression on the Kuala Lumpur music scene. In partnership with Future Sound Asia is the innovative, new Malaysian start up My Teksi.

The official transportation for Good Vibes My Teksi will be providing a discounted taxi service to the venue, Sepang F1 Circuit. The company is making a splash in Malaysia’s youth culture.

With acts like the Smashing Pumpkins, Modest Mouse, and Japandroids, the festival amazes with formidable indie bands and partnering with the innovative new start-up.

For taxis booked more than two days in advance using the app, the users will get a flat rebate of RM25 no matter where they’re coming from. After the 15th of August, the rebate will be RM20. My Teksi is offering the young and hip seamless transportation to and from the festival.

“Events like Good Vibes is exactly what My Teksi was made for.” says My Teksi head of marketing, Cheryl Goh. Good Vibes is essentially a good time with good friends and good music. But before and after is the hassle. First, there’s parking, distance, and who will be the designated driver.

Driving home at 2.00 AM even while drowsy and dropping off friends is enough to kill your Good Vibes buzz. However, My Teksi offers a solution to safely get to the event and arrive home at a discount.

My Teksi Malaysia

My Teksi is making its presence, and its relevance is known. Music festivals are a place to let loose and enjoy the day. “My Teksi is putting taxis where and when you need them.

Though simple, it is innovation at work,” says Suthen Thomas, an ITS head for My Teksi.  As a young start-up, it’s doing two important things: answering a problem, most Malaysians have had with getting a cab and tapping into Malaysian youth to start a change.


But better than that, they’re giving out free ice cream. Yes, free. Anyone with the My Teksi app is free to collect on some sweet relief. So any way you put it, My Teksi serves Malaysians either with easier travel or fuller stomachs.

To learn and understand more about how My Teksi got started and the principles behind the social enterprise, visit the MyTeksi Website. Otherwise, have a great event at Good Vibes 2013.

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