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Exploring Beijing with AirAsia X

Exploring Beijing

Explore Beijing is part of a series of travel photos from the Explorer Lifestyle Team that has been busy travelling around Asia. Beijing is one of the modern yet cultural cities of China that always fascinates travellers.

From the Great Wall of China to Tienanmen Square to modern shopping streets overshadowing the traditional food alleys, you can find all of this in and around Beijing.

Exploring Beijing with AirAsia X

The Explorer Lifestyle team visited Beijing in Nov 2013 as it was nearing winter and spent a good, fun and interesting five days there. We also took an AirAsia X flight to Beijing to prove that the flights are on par with other full serviced airlines.

Yes, five hours on the AAX flight was just as comfortable as any other airline. Anyway, once there, we took our own sweet time to walk around Beijing and here are some of the photos we took to Explore Beijing.

Great Wall of China at the Badaling Gate
Climbing the Great Wall of China
Forbidden City Tickets
Ticket line to the Forbidden City, Beijing
Forbidden City Gardens
Tienanmen Square in the evening

All photos were taken using a Nikon D60 with multiple lenses.


There you have it; some random photos were taken during our amazing trip to the capital of China. It is highly recommended that you visit Beijing once in your lifetime, and the best time is also during Fall or Spring.

It is also recommended that you spend a minimum of four days if you want to see some of the world-renown attractions here.

Moving around is quite simple, but if you have experience speaking Mandarin, that is a beneficial bonus. However, a lot of the signage is in English too. I hope you like our article on Explore Beijing with AirAsiaX.

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