D’Tank Paradise Food Court in Melaka
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D’Tank Paradise Food Court in Melaka

D’Tank Paradise Food Court in Melaka

If you have been looking for a decent place to eat, I am recommending D’Tank Paradise Food Court in Melaka as this is one of the newer places that caters to mostly visitors and tourists.

This massive Melaka food court opened just after the pandemic, and I have seen a lot of changes since its opening. The location is perfect as it lies in the reclaimed section of the Limbongan area, which is slightly out of the main town and under the Klebang district.

When they opened, I was one of the first customers, and I have to say that the quality of the food vendors was quite good, considering it was a new food court, unlike the Cheng Ho Jiak food court, which looked impressive but turned out differently.

D’Tank Paradise is now one of the highly popular food courts in Melaka because it’s located in a very modern part, just next to Uniqlo Melaka, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Burger King, all of which are independent outlets in the up-and-coming Impression City Melaka.

Walking in the main entrance, you will be taken aback by the overall look and feel of the place, which is very modern, spacious, and a little lifestyle. About 40-50 hawkers are selling all kinds of hawker food from Melaka to Penang.

There is also a lot of seating area, which can get filled up quickly during weekends and public holidays; therefore, when you arrive, grab a table first, then only walk around to see what you want.

Limbongan Dtank Paradise
The front of the food court with the huge name is hard to miss.

D’Tank Paradise Food Court Ordering System

The ordering system here tries to be modern, where all customers are required to order by themselves, and there are three main ways to do it;

  1. Scan the QR Code from Table
  2. Go to the Touch Screen Order Machine
  3. Order at the Drink Counter

The staff isn’t going to come to the table and take your drink orders, so please make sure you do this. Whatever you order, they will send the drinks to your table number. So, please take note of your table number.

For food, on the other hand, you just explore and give the stall your table number. They will send it over. Remember that some stalls are quite popular; therefore, the food may take a little longer to arrive.

The choices are plenty, so you really need to walk around and see what you fancy. As a normal visitor or tourist, you may want to try everything, but if you are a small eater, I recommend you pick just one dish. Otherwise, there’s going to be waste or overeating.

Food quality is very subjective over here. What I find not nice at all, someone else finds it tasty, so I’m a detailed food critic, where my quality standards are quite high, so it would be a disaster if you want me to give my opinion of the hawker food served here.

Limbongan Famous Food Court
The new food court is located along Jalan Limbongan, in the reclaimed area.

In a nutshell, most of the food is edible or ok-only. There’s really nothing to shout about here. For example, the Portuguese Grilled Fish is normal because the grilled fish gravy differs significantly from the old-school type. So, some younger foodies may think this is the best they ever had without even trying the original old-world grilled fish stalls.

The Baba Satay used to be good when I first patronised this place, but in February 2024, I came back to try it after one year, and the quality of the pork satay had dropped quite a bit. The Belimbing satay sauce is still good, though.

So, if you are here or planning to visit this place, keep an open mind and try what you think appeals to you. As I mentioned, food is very subjective nowadays, and social media never indicates whether the food is good. If 100 people with bad taste say that a hawker stall is good, then suddenly people think it’s good.

Never use social media to gauge food because too many people just say good things without knowing the authentic taste. Again, 100 people said good, and just one said bad; people prefer to listen to the masses, which is quite sad.

Below are random photos taken at D’Tank Paradise in Limbongan, and the captions give a simple explanation. For an authentic foodie experience, one needs to go there and try it. All photos are also taken with my Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone with minimal editing. It’s not like Samsung Malaysia really cares.

Dtank Paradise
D’Tank Paradise is one of the newer hawker food centres in Melaka.
Limbongan Food Court D'Tank
The drink counter is where everyone goes to order.
D'Tank Paradise Ikan Bakar
Ikan Bakar or Grilled Fish stall.
Melaka Grilled Fish Stall
Grilled stingray, with vege and spicy sauce.
Melaka Mee Siam
Mee Siam portion, which is the slightly wet type, and how it should be.
Melaka Pork Satay
Pork Satay with intestines from Ah Chin.
Melaka Rojak Mee Siam
The so-so Rojak and Mee Siam stall.
Melaka Baba Nyonya Satay
Baba Nyonya Satay with ketupat.
O-Chien Melaka
O-Chien or fried oyster omelette in Melaka.
Melaka Chinese Asam Pedas
The Asam Pedas is Chinese-style cooked, with some exciting recipes.
Baba Nyonya Satay Melaka
Ah Chin Satay is Baba Nyonya style with the Belimbing Satay Sauce, which is quite rare.
Melaka Ochien
Ochien is a popular hawker food in Melaka.
Melaka Hawker Centre
Some of the stalls at D’Tank.

D’Tank Paradise Food Court

  • Address: Lot 2065 Seksyen IV, Pekan Klebang, 75200 Melaka
  • Tel: 062836183
  • Open: Daily, from 4.00 PM to Midnight

Map to D’Tank Paradise Limbongan

For foodies, you can also read my review of the Newton Food Court in Melaka, which I did previously. That review focuses on some other well-known hawker dishes found there. I try to do a simple review of these local places versus all those over-rated ones you find at Jonker Walk and so on.

Food Hawker Centre in Limbongan
The famous hawker centre in Limbongan.


My overall verdict is quite simple: if this is your first few times here and want to experience some local hawker centres, D’Tank Paradise Food Court in Melaka is one of the places you should visit. And if you are a foodie, I strongly recommend you come here and experience the local food.

I am quite neutral because nowadays, many hawkers cook to earn money and not passionately for customers to enjoy. This is one of the issues that makes food quality drop. And to top it off, many are getting lazy, teaching foreigners how to prepare the dish and letting them operate the business.

Whenever I see a foreigner cooking at a hawker stall, I won’t order the food because no passion is involved in preparing the dish. So, that is just me, but I don’t know about the current generation who can accept change like this.

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