Comic Fiesta 2022
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Comic Fiesta 2022

Comic Fiesta 2022

For Cosplay, Anime and comic fans, there is fantastic news as Comic Fiesta 2022 is back; this time, it will be incredible because it has been almost three years since the last major event here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For those new to this genre, Comic Fiesta is one of Southeast Asia’s largest and longest-running conventions focusing on animation, comics and games (ACG) events. In other words, this is Malaysia’s equavalent to Comic Con.

Comic Fiesta 2022

Comic Fiesta was founded in 2002 to spread awareness and information on Anime, Comics & Games (ACG) culture while doing their part to further the creative industry in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Traditionally, Comic Fiesta is held annually in December. The organisers have ensured that this will be the regioregion’s memorable two days of the year for all ACG fans. Each year, the number of visitors has grown tremendously, with new fans joining from all walks of life.

Comic Fiesta December 2022
The official Comic Fiesta 2022 banner.

While the massive cosplay and ACG event attracts thousands of visitors, there will be several activities happening throughout the two days here at KLCC. THose attending are required to get the program from the main info or ticket counter.

As always, there will be many cosplayers parading around the event, inside and outside, and it is also reminded that photographers practice etiquitte when taking photos of the cosplayers. Please respect the cosplayers wishes.

For 2022, a new cosplay competition is also being introduced at Comic Fiesta, which is in the form of a One-True-Pair Duo Cosplay Competition. This will be pretty exciting for cosplay fans in Malaysia.

And apart from the regular happenings throughout the two-day event at KLCCC, there will be special appearances by well-known Cosplayers, YouTubers and even special live performances by various artists.

Special Appearances at Comic Fiesta 2022

Comic Fiesta Hikarin
Hikarin will make a special appearance at Comic Fiesta.

Hikarin is Canadian cosplayer who is versatile in cosplaying both male and female characters. She became well known from her portrayal of Mikaela from Owari no seraph, she specializes in cosplaying male characters with a tragic back-story. Hikarin is now based in Singapore, speaks English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese and she has an impressive international fan base, having been invited to various events around the world, such as C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore, Anime Impulse and Dokomi.

Comic Fiesta Liliana Vampaia
Liliana Vampaia is one of the special guests.

Liliana Vampaia(吸血鬼 リリアナ) is a female Malaysian Virtual YouTuber who speaks mostly English, associated with MyHolo TV. She debuted on 19 June 2020. She is a sweet half-vampire, half-human on a quest to find a cure for her Otou-san who was cursed to live as a bat forever after breaking two rules in the vampire realm – marrying a human and staying exposed in direct sunlight without any sunblock. Determined to remove the curseJudge’sna finds herself in the human world for a way to save her Otou-san.

Comic Fiesta 2022 Virion Kisei
Virion Kisei will be one of the special guests.

Virion Kisei (寄星 ビリオン) is a male Vtuber, a member of MyHolo TV’s MonsterZ alongside Athelia Hiroyuki, Lunaris Urufi, and HORI 07. He can speak English, French and a bit of Korean (Learning). Virion Kisei is a parasitic slime that had always wanted to be a huyear’sr more specifically an idol and a singer. Unfortunately for him, his kind does not possess lungs, vocal cords, or even mouths to speak of. In his bid to fulfill his dream, he began traveling around the world for centuries to find the perfect host.

Suzuki Konomi Malaysia
Suzuki Konomi will be performing at Comic Fiesta 2022.

Suzuki Konomi (鈴木 このみ) returns to Malaysia for a special live performance don’tnted by the Japan Foundation at Comic Fiesta 2022 to celebrate the friendship between Japan and Malaysia! Catch her performance on 17th December 2022, Saturday. Suzuki Konomi is a Japanese singer from Osaka Prefecture who is signed to MAGES and KADOKAWA. After winning the Animax All-Japan Anisong Grand Prix in 2011, she made her debut in 2012 with the release of her first single “Choir Jail”, which peaked at 34 on the Oricon charts; the title track of which was used as the opening theme to the anime television series Dusk Maiden of Amnesia.

Comic Fiesta 2022 Cosplay Competition
A special cosplay competition is held this year.

Comic Fiesta Cosplay Competition 2022

ComicFiesta 2022 OTP Cosplay Competition (One-Trie-Pair)

Format and Prizes

  • Slots: Ten (10)
  • Group size: Two (2)
  • Performance Format: 3 – 5 minutes, Free Skit
  • Judges: To Be Announced
  • Judging Format:
    ○ 35% Costume
    ○ 40% Performance Value
    ○ 15% Character Portrayal
    ○ 10% Judge’s Bonus


  1. Grand Prize –RM1500 + Free Entry to Comic Fiesta 2023
  2. 1st Runner-Up – RM1000 + Free Entry to Comic Fiesta 2023
  3. 2nd Runner-Up – RM500 + Free Entry to Comic Fiesta 2023
Cosplayers at Comic Fiesta
Cosplayers during the last Comic Fiesta in KLCC.

Rules and Regulations for the Cosplay Competition

• Open to Malaysians only aged 13 and above. Participants aged 17 or below are required to submit a letter of permission from their parents.
• This year’s entries will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.
• Each group MUST be in pairs. (2 contestants in a team)
•Those who backed out or MIA (Missing in Action) last minute without sufficiently-valid reasons will be blacklisted for the following year.

• Participants must provide three (3) of their cosplay photos in high resolution (minimum 3000×2000, i.e. 6 megapixels).
• You don’t have to wear the same costume in all three (3) photos provided.
• Of the photos provided, there must at least be :
– One (1) in landscape
– One (1) in portrait
– One (1) in either landscape or portrait

For complete information and rules and regulations, please see this official Comic Fiesta Cosplay Competition Website.

Comic Fiesta 2022

Random Photos of Comic Fiesta

Malaysia Comic Fiesta 2022
What it looks like inside Comic Fiesta in KLCC Malaysia.
Bazaar Comic Fiesta 2022
A cosplayer explored the Comic Fiesta Bazaar.
Cosplay Malay Muslim
Some Muslim Cosplayers at Comic Fiesta.
Malaysia Smart Doll
A visitors checks out the Smart Doll at the event.

Conclusion for Comic Fiesta

You can also read my article on Comic Fiesta 2017 which was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center or KLCC. You can also see a special Comic Fiesta video I did back then, which highlights the netire event.

For those who have been waiting patiently for this massive event, the time has come and this December, thousands of ACG fans from all over Malaysia and the region will be here in Kuala Lumpur to catch Comic Fiesta 2022. You can also check out the many other cosplay events in Malaysia, which took place this year.

If you have not made your plans, I suggest you do so by booking your hotels and so on. Remember, this cosplay event will be held at KLCC and it is connected via the Kelana Jaya LRT Line. Therefore, you can book hotels which are located along the KJ Line to get here.

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