Cheng Ho Jiak Food Court
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Cheng Ho Jiak Food Court

Ho Jiak Cheng Food Court

A new Cheng Ho Jiak food court opened in March 2023, and this is one of the very modern-looking concepts brought to this part of Melaka. If you pass Cheng and head to Melaka, this new food court is hard to miss.

The uniqueness of this new place is that it is renovated nicely and looks like one of those ultra-modern food courts from Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya. This time, it’s found in the small town of Cheng.

Cheng Ho Jiak Food Court

As I was headed to Melaka for a quick overnight trip, I noticed the Cheng Ho Jiak food court when passing through here, and I had planned to try this place on my way back to Kuala Lumpur.

While food courts are mostly similar, this was different in many ways, especially how the owners had renovated it to have an indoor and outdoor seating area. It is spacious and holds around 50 different food stalls.

Since the Cheng Ho Jiak food court recently opened, there are still several empty stalls, and when I visited on 6 April 2022, at least 60% of the stalls were occupied. I’m sure you would like to know what is available here. And more importantly, if the food is nice or not.

Well, it’s very subjective, but being a new food court, there are a lot of new vendors here. So, tastewise, it is very subjective. Maybe if you pass by, you can give it a try. I will let you know what I have at the end of the post. Meanwhile, photos of this place first.

Photos of Cheng Ho Jiak

Below are random photos of the food court with my Galaxy S22 Ultra. Notice I did not put any pictures of the food because if you are going here, better for you to order and try the food yourself. I have no point in saying which is nice or not because we all have different tastes.

Food Court in Cheng Melaka
The inside section of the food court looks like a giant modern warehouse.
Cheng Ho Jiak Asam Pedas
Asam Pedas at Cheng Ho Jiak food court.
Ikan Bakar Cheng
Ikan Bakar and Baba Satay Stall.
New Food Court in Cheng, Melaka
An overview of the outdoor seating area.
Cheng Ho Jiak Nasi Lemak
Chinese nasi lemak at the food court.
Cheng Food Court Baru
Wide shot of the new food court in Cheng.
Cheng Ho Ciak
The indoor section of the food court.
Cheng Fried Koay Teow
Penang Char Koay Teow stall at the food court.
Melaka Ho Jiak Food Court in Cheng
The giant reverse fan at the outdoor seating area.
Cheng Ho Jiak
A beer company is one of the main sponsors at this food court.
Cheng Ho Jiak New Food Court
View from the parking area outside the food court.


Location of Cheng Ho Jiak

  • Address: Lot 310, Jalan Bertam Jaya 2, Taman Bertam Jaya, 76450 Melaka
  • Business Hours: 11.00 AM to 12.00 Midnight
  • Phone: 0102626685

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For those who pass Cheng often, you may want to look out for this new food court here, and it is just opposite Lotus’s (Old Tesco) near the traffic lights. You can also use Waze or Google Maps to locate the Cheng Ho Jiak Food Court.

This place is also probably happening at night when the weather is much cooler. When I visited, it was around 6.00 PM, and a crowd was already there. Maybe the local Cheng people like to eat early? Who knows?

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