Batik Air Nagoya Flights
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Batik Air Nagoya Flights

Nagoya Flights Batik Air Malaysia

For Japan lovers, there is good news as there are now Batik Air Nagoya flights available starting 20 March 2023, and if you book before the commencement of the new route, you can get the tickets from as low as RM1,599 one way.

This follows the high demand for Malaysians that love to travel to Japan. Due to the inaugural launch dates, passengers can now catch the Sakura Cherry Blossom season in Nagoya, Japan.

Batik Air Nagoya Flights

Flights to Nagoya from Kuala Lumpur used to be available from a competing airline, and while the Covid19 pandemic shook the tourism industry, several airlines cancelled many routes, and Nagoya was one of them.

Nagoya is Batik Air’s fourth Japanese destination, operating B737-8 to and from three other Japanese cities: Tokyo, Osaka and Chitose in Hokkaido. The Batik Air flight will also land at the Chubu Centrair Airport in Nagoya. There is direct connectivity to the city via trains from the airport, so travelling is made easy here.

The Nagoya flight will also transit to Taiwan for about an hour before continuing to the destination.

Batik Air Nagoya Flight Timing
The flight timings to Nagoya with Batik Air Malaysia.

What to do in Nagoya?

While there are many things to do and places to visit around Nagoya, you should know that there is some internal travelling to reach some tourist attractions and places of interest outside the main city area.

Takayama old town is one of the recommended places to visit as it gives visitors a glimpse of an ancient Japanese city from the early days of Japan. Activities are abundant here, namely during the non-wintering months.

While exploring Nagoya, one should also take a trip north to visit the famous Inuyama Castle, which holds a lot of historical value. Again, this Japanese castle is one of many found all over Japan.

Old Town Takayama
An old Sake shop in Takayama Old Town, Nagoya.

And while here, visitors should also visit the Inuyama Old Town, which still maintains several traditional shops and businesses. Walking around here also brings visitors back to the old Japanese days.

And for those planning to travel a little further out from Nagoya, you can also visit the famous UNESCO village of Shirakawa-go, which is about two and a half hours away from the main city. Nagoya is also home to the largest cosplay event, the World Cosplay Summit, which takes place in August, and tens of thousands of cosplayers worldwide will attend this unique festival.


Since the commencement of the Batik Air Nagoya Flights, this will now open up more choices to visit Japan and all this while, and many travellers would only head to popular cities like Sapporo, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.

Nagoya is considered one of Japan’s major cities, with even more unique tourism opportunities for Japan travel lovers. Visit the official Batik Air website to book your Nagoya flight tickets.

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