Alibaba Eskpres Luxury Bus Service Malaysia
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Alibaba Eskpres Luxury Bus Service Malaysia

Malaysia Alibaba Eskpres Luxury Bus

Great news for those travelling to and from Malaysia’s East Coast as you will experience a new level of comfort with the all-new Alibaba Eskpres Luxury Bus Service Malaysia.

In February 2022, Alibaba Ekspres and Scania Southeast Asia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to introduce a fleet of affordable luxury buses.

It is also not surprising that the Alibaba Luxury Express Bus in Malaysia will be launched at the right time, when domestic travel was opened in October 2021.

Alibaba Eskpres Luxury Bus Service Malaysia

Malaysia Alibaba Luyxury Bus Seating
The luxury seats on the Alibaba Eskpres Luxury Bus.

The bus service offered by Alibaba Eskpres is the first of its kind high-decker luxury bus series that serves the west and east coast routes of Malaysia.

The company also has a tagline – “Luxurious Travelling Made Affordable” which aims to compete in the middle to upper-class market.

Below are random photos of the Alibaba Ekspress luxury buses and what it looks like inside. The photos show toilets, luxury seating and a lounge area for passengers.

*Update April 2022 – There have been many complaints about the bus service from passengers in the last few months, therefore, I hope the bus companies reading this will fix the problems.

Terdapat banyak aduan mengenai perkhidmatan bas daripada penumpang dalam beberapa bulan ini, oleh itu, saya berharap syarikat bas yang membaca ini dapat menyelesaikan masalah tersebut.
Alibaba Ekspres Bus Tandas
Another toilet design on the Alibaba Express Bus.
Toilet of Alibaba Express Bus Malaysia
The luxurious toilet on the Alibaba Express Bus.
Malaysia Alibaba Express Bus Seating
Luxury seating on the Alibaba Express Bus.
Malaysia Alibaba Ekspres
The VIP area of the Alibaba Express Bus in Malaysia.

According to a bus company promoting the new bus service, they claim the following for the fleet of Alibaba Express buses;

  • Sanitation regularly
  • Wi-Fi is available
  • Toilets are provided
  • Entertainment facilities are provided
  • Clean and comfortable environment
Malaysia Alibaba Expess Bus
One of the Alibaba express luxury bus designs.


An MoU signing ceremony will be graced by Dato Seri Wee Ka Siong, Minister of Transportation at the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Kuala Lumpur to launch this product.

More information will be available after the launch as many Malaysians are waiting to find out more about this new luxury bus service in Malaysia.

22 thoughts on “Alibaba Eskpres Luxury Bus Service Malaysia

  1. Hi

    The bus conditions are perfectly new, but you can expect poor maintenance. I took the return ticket from Putrajaya to Kuala Terengganu for approx. 8 hours per trip. I opted to travel via bus this time because of the toilet inside. Unfortunately, it is not well maintained because you can see urine stain on the toilet seat and floor. You also need to get permission from the bus worker and let him hold the door while using the toilet. I’ve learned while traveling abroad that the bus operator would provide a cleaning service at the stop. Here they are neglecting that part, which is becoming a significant problem.

    Along the journey, they played loud music, and you could smell cigarette smoke too. Maybe the bus driver needs to entertain himself. I hope for improvement as I would pay an even higher price ticket if they make it exclusive.

    1. Hi Syed, thank you for your honest feedback and experience on the Alibaba Bus. I’m actually not surprised at how sometimes, we Malaysians tend to overlook things like this. At the rate we are going, looks like we will never progress in terms of international standards. Or maybe it will take us a much longer time to fully understand. Who knows? But thanks again.

  2. Tengah tunggu bus depan umt untuk pergi ke tbs bus malam ni pkl 1015 pm.. Skrg dh pukul brpa.. Call pun xblh.. Apa punya service la.. Baik pi jual lemang la lg bagus.. Menyusahkan orang je..

  3. This is just happened on 29th March 2022.
    My bus was scheduled to depart at 2215 but at 2100 I received a phone call from the bus company that my bus was cancelled. I was so furious but I believed I need to maintain my calmness. I have no choice but to accept the option given which was taking another bus from Penang to KL, then from KL to Kuala Terengganu in the morning. In KL they have stopped me at the bus driver’s cafe around 0430, I was alone and have no idea whatsoever, then only being picked up by the bus driver at 0800 for terengganu. Very first time I felt like my life was NOT Organise and I have lost 8 hours of my precious Terengganu time because I only going there for 2days 1 night. I will escalate this matter to Transportation Ministry. I know the main reason why my bus was cancelled was because they might not have enough passenger for that trip to make a full profit. Why put that trip on the list on the first place ?

    1. Hi Kent, I think this is the same problem like MAS or AirAsia, flights get cancelled or retimed because not full so passengers suffer. Oh well…. in Malaysia, things are sometimes like that.

  4. Hello alibaba, this issues happen right now on your bus. u orang buat keja macam macam mana? Aircond bus x jadi sepanjang trip! You ingt apa perjalanan pendek ke from tbs – kuantan ? Seriously you still run the bus without maintenance check first. Aih aku geram ni dahla panas pastu no circulation pulak tu. seriously suffocated. And you supposed to sampai tbs at 8:30 am and 9:45 am baru datang. what the ??? And satu lagi where is the proper platform for customer to voice out their feedback or anything? Nak cari alibaba punya contact number pon takde. Eh do business properly la. Sorry to say i cannot tolerate with this issues anymore especially the aircond yang tak jadi sepanjang trip ni.

    1. Hiya, thanks for your feedback and I understand how frustrating this can be. Lagi, macam you said, no official channel to voice out, therefore I hope Alibaba or any of the representatives will see this site and take the feedback provided here.

  5. Entertaiment service, + wifi tu scam je…android scren tab kat seat smpai kesudah server connecting… wifi xde pun dlm list… pasal entertertaiment tu banyak tipu jer…bas selesa cuma. Kema tipu part entertainment…malas nk cek toilet.. travel dr tbs ke terminal kuantan…

    1. Looks like banyak complaints pasal Alibaba Express bus service, banyak yang datang sini untuk voice out because no other way to complain. Hopefully someone from Alibaba or the bus company sees this.

      1. Mybe U boleh SS semua tu n post dekat alibaba ni.. ALANG2 U dah post n promote syarikat dia kan.. TOLONG WAKIL KAN KAMI SEMUA PENGGUNA YANG TERANIAYA INI..

  6. 4/2/23 10.20am TBS-TERENGGANU
    Out of expectation!!!! Harga tiket 2 kli gande dr harga tiket bas lain.. but aku still beli jgk sbb tgk kt internet punya gambar n facility yg ditawarkan.. so harga tiket mahal sikit xde masalah.. yang JADI MASALAH sekarang ni EXPECTATION dengan REALITY nya berbeza!!!
    Dengan SEAT ROSAK.. DUDUK JE TROS TERLENTANG!!! Dah la aku ni slip disc.. MAMPOS nak kene duduk dalam keadaan tidak selesa dari TBS sampai TRENGGANU!!! Tgk gambar siap ade button massage bagai.. skali hampehhh!!! Baik naik je bas lain yg tiket xsampai rm40 siap ada plug n seat vip jgk… Aku punya la tggl kreta sbb tgk iklan ALIBABA ni!!! DAH LA CARI WEBSITE OFFICIAL DEKAT INTERNET PON XDE!!!

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