3 Reasons Why the Galaxy A24 is Worth More in Resale or Trade-in Value

Malaysia Galaxy A24

Malaysia Galaxy A24

Device trade-ins and demand for pre-owned devices in the secondary market are the trends that are expected to continue this year and beyond. As a consumer, this is good news for you! That’s because you get more bang for your buck when you eventually decide to resell your old smartphone or trade it in.

So how does this work? The main reason for this is the longevity of a smartphone due to the updates offered for more years after its initial purchase. These upgrades keep an old phone up to date with the latest technology, extending its lifespan. In layperson’s terms, it’s built to LAST.

3 Reasons Why the Galaxy A24 is Worth More in Resale or Trade-in Value

When it comes to the Galaxy A24, the same applies to the 542 offer – you get five years of security updates, four times Android OS updates, and a 2-year warranty. For a smartphone that comes at such an accessible price point, this brings you AWESOME value like you won’t believe!

ONE – 5 Years Security Updates

Our smartphones contain our whole world, so it’s crucial to constantly update their software against evolving security threats and vulnerabilities out there. The Galaxy A24 will support you with five years of security updates, so it’ll be in your good hands for some time. Most other smartphones offer up to 3 years of security updates so that you can weigh the difference. More than just protecting you while you own it, the longer update duration makes the Galaxy A24 a better investment for the long term, and when you do decide to sell or trade-in one day, it will command more in return.

TWO – 4 Times Android OS Updates

You get four times Android OS updates with the Galaxy A24. Android OS updates are also important for several reasons – firstly, to ensure that your smartphone can continue operating smoothly for longer; secondly, to get the latest features and be able to run the newest, updated apps; and thirdly, to ensure that your smartphone will continue to get security patches or bug fixes. These updates extend your smartphone’s lifecycle and therefore increase its value. On the other hand, other Android devices typically offer 2 to 3 years of software updates.

THREE – 2 -Year Warranty

To give you greater peace of mind, the Galaxy A24 is covered with a 2-year warranty1, the standard 1-year warranty and a 1-year extension for another year of worry-free life. Samsung offers a manufacturer’s warranty on all its products. Check out Samsung’s website to know what’s covered in your warranty at a glance, as well as to register your product. Registering your smartphone to get help quickly and efficiently if the need arises is recommended.

Malaysia Galaxy A24 Promotion
The current promotion for the Galaxy A24 in Malaysia.

A Deal that is Hard to Resist

At its affordable price, plus awesome innovation built under the hood, the Galaxy A24 defines value for money. If you hold on to your Galaxy A24 until the end of its lifespan, it’ll be longer than most other smartphones of its kind on average. Alternatively, if you resell or trade in the Galaxy A24, you will get higher returns thanks to the longer updates and warranty.

Purchase the Galaxy A24 from now until 31 May 2023 and get that free 1-year extended warranty1 worth RM99 and a free transparent case worth RM79.

Galaxy A24

  • Colours: Dark Red, Light Green, Black
  • Specs: 16GB (including 8GB RAM Plus) +128GB
  • Price: RM999
Samsung Galaxy A24 Malayia
The three colours for the A24.


For more information about the promotion, price and specifications, please visit the official Samsung website for the Galaxy A24. This is a fantastic smartphone for those who want something simple yet powerful that meets today’s high lifestyle standards.

There you go, the 3 reasons why the Galaxy A24 is worth more in resale or trade-in value compared to many other brands. This time, Samsung Malaysia has made it a win-win for everyone.

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